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3 Exercises Every Woman Should Do

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Thanks! Report
Good info! Report
Great info Report
Alresdy do 2 ofv3. Report
May I add BRIDGES to this good for our hips, butt and BLADDER, if you know what I mean. Report
thanks. Report
Good tipd on exercise! For me! Report
Good to know! Report
I had to laugh - "Three exercises for women to do"...and then the bicycle crunches shows a GUY performing them!! (or do I need better glasses??). Report
I have back problems so crunches of any kind are out for me. If I do squats they would have to be demi-squats so I don't put any strain on my lower back. Report
Best Dumbbells for Women with the lowest price.
Yes4All is sale up to 80% at Friday. Let's make your Friday is Real Black Friday now. Report
These are all good! Report
I thought they were going to start with the Kegal! These look great too! Thanks Report
Good article I will definitely have to try these. Report
I have a lot of problems with my posture and I was just thinking that I need to find exercise to build my back muscles. So I was very happy to read this article and see that one-arm rows are exactly what I need to include in my routine. Report

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