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Breaking Up With Your Personal Trainer

Because Breaking Up is Hard To Do


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  • All good reasons to pass on the personal trainer!
  • Great information
    I hired a trainer for 3 months. Although the travel distance was too far however, I was hoping that the results I got would be worth the drive. We trained for three days a week & he told me what workouts to do on the days I didn't meet with him. However, after 3 weeks, I didn't see any noticeable results & I declined to extend my training.
  • Our gym keeps getting different trainers so we always have a variety.
  • CARMEN108
    my personal trainer keeps cancelling my appointments me, shes a good personal trainer I always feel that im getting a good work out session with her, but when I wake up in the morning ready to go to her, most of the time theres a text, saying shes sick or kids are sick, or she has take her children to a appointments ect, which I think I have to leave because im not getting my two to three days a week, I do understand shes busy but shouldn't be taking me on under those circumstances, because I cant accomplish my goal that way.
    I recently made an observation at a gym I was using while on vacation. One of the personal trainers was texting on his phone while his client was using the stepper!!!

    As a CPT, I find this to be a disturbing trend.
    Sadly I lost my trainer after two plus years. He helped me lose 60 lbs and at age 63 I am doing wonderful. The last month before he dropped me he started being a little mean to me. I don't know what was going on in his life but I have my own issues too. We stopped communicating and I became more sullen each session. I went to him 3 times a week but he couldn't deal with me understandi that
    he is only 25 years old. So I committed a great error, I gave him a expensive holiday gifts way more than I should have and then he didn't even thank me verbally in our next session. I guess I felt foolish and then angry. So he decided the hostility that we created wasn't conducive to any future workouts. What a hard situation for me. I blame myself because I can use some curse words when I'm so perturbed. So that didn't help. Today I'm interviewing a new trainer. Anyone ever do something stupid like. I'm also a female
    I have had three trainers. One produced a very cookie cutter program. I lived out the program that I had paid for (3 months). I told her about my interests (preparing for a beginner-type triathlon) but she did not adjust my program to response to my needs. It was my first time with a trainer and I did not really know what to expect (now I have a better idea). In the last month, she spent a lot of time chatting me up during workouts about buying more sessions. I did not like that, it made me uncomfortable getting a sales pitch during time I was paying for. The one thing I will say, she was always on time and she never cancelled at the last minute.
    The second time was very strange. It was a concept of semi-private sessions and web-based training. In the first session I found the trainer to be vulgar in his language. (Example: to give a visual of doing a squat then thrusting the pelvis forward while doing a lift, his saying was "shut the door, f**k the whore". I told him exactly what I thought of his language, it was like working out with frat boy. It was not a surprise that there were other things wrong that brought me to cancel. I am in Canada yet he charged me in US (a detail buried in the fine print of the contract). That meant , with the currency exchange, I was paying about 20% more along with transaction fees. I protested this, he said that was the way it was. I called the Consumer Protection Bureau, who informed me that it is not illegal to charge in other currencies, however, one cannot charge more than advertised, and must point out exceptional points in a contract before signing. So my contract was invalid. He was very quick to give me a full refund when I asked for it (I imagine he did not want me to go further with my complaints). However, he did not cancel the monthly deductions - I had to go back and chase him for that, which again, he quickly resolved. Boy, that was a learning experience.

    My current trainer is a woman who is friendly but firm and professional. We set it up so that she creates a program for me, writes it down, and I meet with her once I need a change, but I see her around the gym often and I can feel free to ask her questions. We have things in common, it feels very comfortable, but first and foremost I feel she is tough and very competent - she understand my need for challenge. I recently asked for a program focusing more on balance and flexibility and she created an amazing workout with routines I had not seen before. She pays attention - when I told her about my knee issues, she immediately switched my program around to accommodate that. I also like the same-sex aspect - I can empathize with the poster who crushed on her trainer, because it can be so easy to fall for charismatic trainers in that atmosphere, and I like to remove that "element" from my sessions. She has up to date technology which keeps track of my information through a very cool software. Plus she has her own office in the gym where we can meet privately and discuss my needs. Now I am training for a triathlon and I really look forward to working with her to help me achieve my goals. I feel very lucky that I have finally found a good trainer.
    Check out those "trainers" very closely, ask others about theirs and notice how the person looks. Sometimes people who look fit are hired off the street and not given proper safety training. And many don't like really over weight people and make fun of them.
  • SH5678
    I joined a fitness gym and had a personal trainer for two sessions ending up with a torn rotator cuff. He would not pay complete attention to me, and had the cookie cutter approach. When I brought all this to the gym owners attention, it became my fault. I left the gym. They refused to refund my money. I am now in physical therapy facing surgery if I don't get better. Please don't make my mistake. Check out your trainer thoroughly.
    I became disillusioned with my trainer when I realised it that even though I told her the reason I was hiring her was because I wanted to learn to how to work around my back injuries in a safe way. She didn't write anything down and when I went back for consecutive meetings she had forgotten and given me things I knew I shouldn't be doing. She would apologise and say she forgot. I was so disappointed as she came with a recommendation. She has a great personality and I think that is why she's been in business for so long. Even though my old trainer is inconveniently a lot further away from home and work I have returned to her because she is much more professional and not a "cookie cutter" trainer and I get a great workout.
    Yes, I agree. It is very effective. I am grateful to all the people for sharing nice and informative information That I had not available earlier .I have learnt a lot from this information. Thanks again for nice posting here.
  • Thank you. I needed this and it's really reinforcing/validating my decision to fire my trainer. I have about 4 sessions left. I initially thought about pausing it, but I grow less and less comfortable with my trainer because she's a control freak and has boundary issues. I don't really need her to learn new exercises because I am doing a lot of reading on my own and I've been following fitness videos as well. As for nutrition advice, omg, the advice she's been giving is so so very bad that I have been shaking my head in despair. She doesn't understand how calories work, what BMR is, I don't even know how she got her PT certification. She was teaching me lunges the wrong way the other day. If that's not enough, she keeps flitting from client to client, and then lying to me when I ask if she's busy with other clients (because if she is, we can reschedule). And now she's been making imputations that I am flirting with other gym trainers and changing their schedules around. (I've actually been training at different times to avoid her). I love the gym but the gym would be so much better without her. :/
    We developed such a good relationship that I started to get a crush on him!!! Not to mention, he's totally hot!!! So I just stopped going for like a few months and then booked a session with a female at the club. He saw me training with her and didn't look too happy even though I still say hello and smile, he gives me the cold shoulder. I've been married almost 10 years and I even talked to my husband about my feelings. I made the decision that training with same-sex trainers is best for me.....the articicle says to be honest but I don't see myself telling him the truth.

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