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Proper Gym Etiquette

How to Play Well with Others While Working Out


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  • I would like to add. Yes, BO is gross, yes, you should wear deodorant, but please, PLEASE don't flood the gym with perfume or cologne. One of my biggest pet peeves is having someone come in wearing an axe bomb or having just showered in perfume while I'm running. Not only is it gross, but some people have allergies to things like that and they can trigger an asthma attack.
  • As an owner of an independent small fitness gym, I want to make gym etiquette intuitive as possible. I provide free towel service and disposable wipes to clean off the equipment before and after use. I also keep a keen eye on any members that may be a bother to others. I also have my staff follow a detailed cleaning checklist everyday (downloadable version is available on my blog). I would greatly appreciate any other advise that would help me help my members to have great gym etiquette!

    Great article and thanks for posting it!
  • I'd like to add something to this list: The gym is not the place to try to hit on people. It's inappropriate and rude. I don't know anyone who thinks it's cute or flattering when someone ogles them and comments on how their butt or their boobs look, or tries to strike up a conversation when they're very obviously working on a challenging set or trying to pick up their pace on the treadmill or something. Just because I have on yoga shorts and a tank top/sports bra doesn't mean I'm trying to get picked up. I'm trying not to have a heat stroke or have my clothes getting in my way and distracting me.
    Oh lord I wish some people in my gym would follow these rules!!
  • Children in the gym annoy me to no end
    Ewwww @ jujubetoo and twoofthree. You don't wear deodorant! NASTY!

    Nobody wants to smell your stink. Get over yourself and slap some Sure on those pits.
  • My last job was as a night serviceman at one of the city's rec centres (didn't pay much but paid the bills til this one came along) and they had a weight room you would be surprised at HOW LAZY these so-called "fit" people were when it cam to putting away weights or benchs -DISGUSTING
  • If you are sick, coughing, sniffling, have a cold, ... Please STAY HOME!
    One other item that should be mention is people having personal conversations. I’ve seen people standing around free weights or even sitting on machines talking about their weekends or whatever. Not working out.

    I’ve been in the cardio area where people are very casual with their workouts and holding conversations while on a treadmill. It’s obvious they are not working hard enough. Need to work hard enough to answer a simple question but not easy enough to hold a conversation.

    I belong to the YMCA. There area a couple areas away from the weights and machines where people can rest and talk. These areas need to be used.

    Thanks for letting me vent. This is a real pet peeve of mine.
    Very practical "meat and potatoes" advice for working out in the gym! This is one of the reasons that I wear work-out gloves, in addition to protecting my hands from blisters. It helps to know that at least parts of my hands are averted from rubbing in someone else's sweat ! I think the core value of your article is something we all need to be reminded of, and that is, treat others in the way we want to be treated. My gym provides wet wipes and antibacterial wash, and I use them. The world can be a much better place when we think of others and not just ourselves ! I cancelled my membership to one gym partially because of the poor cleaning habits and bad hygene of the facility. Thanks for speaking the truth !
    Good advice. It's only missing one point: Don't sweat the small stuff. Yes, some of these habits are annoying but I can only control myself, not others. If somebody does something really ignorant or dangerous I will tell the staff. Otherwise I'm there for my workout and afterward I go home.

  • Great article! It amazes me that some adults still need to be taught manners towards others. The last point especially, It is so hard to exercise and breathe deep when the person next to you has a strong odor of any kind!
  • yes its DISGUSTING when some PIG ( I call a spade a spade) goes and sweats all over the equipment and then leaves it (even worse I witnessed one LOSER keep going back and forth sweating all over several pieces of equipment ,while doing his immature WEIRD sweat-hog fitness programme). As far as I am concerned it's inexcusable , selfish, ignorant, and just plain gross. And there were towels and spray bottles of disinfectant everywhere at the gym (no excuses). I also used to work for the City as a pool night man and had to look after the attached fitness centre, hard to believe that these hulking fitness no-necks were too WEAK to put away their benches or even the dumbbells / plates - disgusting. Some people just need to GROW-UP and realize that they aren't the centre of the universe.
    There's a guy at my gym that breathes out so loudly that I can hear him even with my headphones on at full blast. It's so distracting. And he doesn't do it every time he breathes... so I'll be getting into my groove and SHSSSSSSSSHSSHHHHHHHHHHH. ARRGH. Some people have no sense about the world around them.

    Legend has it there is a guy on the south side of my town that wears a full gas mask (like a I'm afraid of toxic fumes gas mask - not an oxygen mask) while he works out. No joke.
  • I wonder what my fitness center would say about posting this! At least in the center they have no rules/guidelines posted and some people are so rude (loud music, etc) that it makes it hard to enjoy your workout!

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