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Are Your Friends Making You Fat?


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My family did and now my husband have been a bad influence on me. I will no longer let that happen to me. Report
A great article. I have had to change many of my associates due to some of them encouraging me to eat unhealthy. Those focused on health are very supportive on our "unusual" eating needs Report
great advice Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
I understand that my choices are my responsibility, I can understand temptation is tempting too! Good articles! Report
I have to remember in social settings that each person is on their own journey. I cannot control what they do, just like they can't control what I do... I must remember my journey and focus on that. Report
thanks Report
It is possible. When I am with people who over eat so do I. Report
This is very helpful. Thank you! Report
I'm lucky. Most of my friends are healthy Report
Makes a LOT of sense Report
Focus and guts are the key. I sometimes fall off the wagon, but it is nobody's fault but min. Report
I make my own choices, what others do is their choice, not mine. Report
This annoys me. Stop making excuses and take responsibility for your own eating habits. Report
No, but my husband has. Sometimes his bad habits influence me to make bad choices. He also doesn't gain weight as quickly as I do so I really need to focus. Report

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