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Your Guide to Health Screenings

What, When and Why


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Screenings depend on hereditary health also Report
Thanks Report
This is great! Thank you! Report
Great information! Report
Part of taking care of ourselves is getting help from others. Report
definitely this needs to be a MUST READ!!! Report
Just like caring for your car:regular checkups! Report
Wise advice preventative medicine ! Report
Really important to get screenings! Thank you! Report
Embrace good body care! Good article, thanks SP. Report
These are not accurate. Talk to your doctor. Report
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Very interesting discussion. As a former diverticulitis sufferer, I know how frustrating it can be to find answers. Just wanted to share a link that helped me out a lot when I was struggling to get better:

Best of luck to everyone!
I don't understand the connection between hypertension and diabetes as you can have one without the other. Report
Good info. As a registered independent dental hygienist I would also like to see included head,neck and oral cancer screening, available from your registered dental hygienist. Report
I have never had an eye exam, except an eye chart when I was a child or at the DMV. Completely unnecessary unless you are having trouble.

My family has never had dental insurance, and dental work is wicked expensive. I try to go every 2-3 years, but that's as good as it gets. They are requiring dental checkups for enrollment in kindergarten here now, but I think this is ridiculous. Many children are not going to tolerate this without sedation, which is not even covered by insurance. Report

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