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Common Myths about Happiness


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  • I live this philosophy each and every day. I'm always amazed at how difficult it it for others to grasp the concept. It reminds me of a saying.............HAPPINESS ISN'T GETTING WHAT YOU WANT........IT'S WANTING WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE.
    Living in gratitude is the many ways we are so so blessed.
    Zen and the Art of Spark!! Thank you.
  • Thank you for the wonderful article. As the Buddha taught, "We are what we think, All that we are arises with our thoughts, With our thoughts we create the world." Dharmapada
    As you pointed out, we can find happiness by having positive thoughts and being content here and now. We can do this and still make our aspiration and intentions and set goals and move our bodies towards health and fitness. It all begins with the thought to do so!
    This is a good reminder for us to watch our thoughts and not get caught up in negative thinking or moods. They are just thoughts or emotions after all, they aren't real or solid.
    Thanks again, Claire
  • My mother wasn't a Bhuddist, but she taught me from the time I was just a 4-5 year old that having expectations was the surest way to guarantee disappointment and unhappiness. I've carried the lesson with me my whole life, and while I'm not by any means perfect, I will say that I rarely get upset over tangibles or things. When I do, it's usually over the intangibles like the attitudes of others.
    Thanks for reminding us all of this age-old truth!
  • This is a GREAT article. Gratitude is an Attitude. I know several people of this mindset - I will be sharing this with them! Thanks for writing this so well!
  • I really liked this article. It hit home. But my answer to the question is "I don't know what would make me happy!"
  • WOW!!!! That is powerful; just what I needed to begin my weight loss!
  • Wow! ~What a useful article. I am so often lost in all the wants in my life that I certainly forget to look at how much I do have. Thanks for the much needed reminder and inspiration. Tertua
  • This is an awsome articole. for people who want to read more about it , please read "The art of Happiness" written by the Dalai Lama. It explains in greater detail how he understands happiness.
    I needed to read this article tonight. I was feeling very anxious and knowing that I'm doing something good for myself eased my worry a little bit. A lot is changing for me right now, including myself. Under the stress of it all I feel a little crazy.
  • I use to be like that. I became ill when I was 39. I was able to work five more years. Then, I went on disability. The doctors prognosis was very poor. I guess I was waiting for the prognosis to come true. In January my entire attitude changed. I began to exercise daily and eat healthy. I lost some weight right away and began to feel better.
    I decided that I have a lot of things to be happy for. I have a more positive attitude, am more friendlier, participate in life's activites, etc. I am even planning to go back to work .
    I am no longer waiting for something to happen to be happy. I enjoy each day's experience as it comes.
  • Excellent, excellent article everyone can benefit from reading. Ditto on this is definitely one of the best SP articles I've read!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
  • AMEN! Loved the article! Finally someone else who realizes that being greatful and enjoying what you have is not "settling"! At this point in my life all the "wanting" is practically gone and I am learning to see the good in all things, all struggles, and all challenges I have. I am truly happy and want for nothing. So, can I get some help with that age old question..."what do you want for Christmas?"!!!!!!!
    This is one of the best articles that I've ever read here at Spark. How true it is!! What a great perk to my day. I am doing this for me and every little stride I make to be healthier is a great stride. I will try my best to never look down at the scale again and be disappointed in 1 pound! :0)

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