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Common Myths about Happiness


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Thank you for reminding me that we often wait for our destiny to arrive. However, the truth is, we live and create our destiny every. You’ve written a great article! Report
I was discussing this topic last night with my spouse. Very timely and great article. I'm printing it and taking it home to hang on the bulletin board so that he can read this from time to time when he forgets what's important in his life. Thanks. Report
Freedom from want is a gift most of us can give ourselves. It's not the steamed veggies that are making me unhappy, its wanting the steak! I am going to be grateful every day for the bounty of healthy food that I have, and quit wanting!! Thank you for (re)opening my eyes to this simple truth. Report
Wow, what a great wake up call. I've always felt unhappy for the past couple years and with the fear of not being able to ever be happy, I could have been this entire time. Problem is, how do I get into my own head this? Report
"Wow... thats really true I'm going to get started today on realizing I'm happy each day of my life with what I have."

All that I need is the love of Jesus! Report
I live this philosophy each and every day. I'm always amazed at how difficult it it for others to grasp the concept. It reminds me of a saying.............HAPPINESS ISN'T GETTING WHAT YOU WANT........IT'S WANTING WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE.
Living in gratitude is the many ways we are so so blessed. Report
Zen and the Art of Spark!! Thank you. Report
Thank you for the wonderful article. As the Buddha taught, "We are what we think, All that we are arises with our thoughts, With our thoughts we create the world." Dharmapada
As you pointed out, we can find happiness by having positive thoughts and being content here and now. We can do this and still make our aspiration and intentions and set goals and move our bodies towards health and fitness. It all begins with the thought to do so!
This is a good reminder for us to watch our thoughts and not get caught up in negative thinking or moods. They are just thoughts or emotions after all, they aren't real or solid.
Thanks again, Claire Report
My mother wasn't a Bhuddist, but she taught me from the time I was just a 4-5 year old that having expectations was the surest way to guarantee disappointment and unhappiness. I've carried the lesson with me my whole life, and while I'm not by any means perfect, I will say that I rarely get upset over tangibles or things. When I do, it's usually over the intangibles like the attitudes of others.
Thanks for reminding us all of this age-old truth!
Carli Report
This is a GREAT article. Gratitude is an Attitude. I know several people of this mindset - I will be sharing this with them! Thanks for writing this so well! Report
I really liked this article. It hit home. But my answer to the question is "I don't know what would make me happy!" Report
WOW!!!! That is powerful; just what I needed to begin my weight loss! Report
Great article!! Report
Wow! ~What a useful article. I am so often lost in all the wants in my life that I certainly forget to look at how much I do have. Thanks for the much needed reminder and inspiration. Tertua Report

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