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Common Myths about Happiness


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  • Nice article. I was feeling blue tonight and usually keep my thoughts to myself or visit SparkPeople to read uplifting,encouraging stories. This article briefly lifted me from a depression duldrum. The sun rises in the morning and so will my spirits.
  • This is a lovely article. Happiness is in reach of each of us.
  • Just what I needed. This article seemed to look right inside of me and enlighten me as to what I really need to do to be happy now. It makes sence and definately worth trying. It definately beats the self negative thoughts that can be so destructive.
  • EEJAA70
    What an encouragement! This positive outlook is so true and such a useful tool.
  • Good philosopy, as long as people don't try to convince themselves they're happy when deep down they're not, because of some issue that needs to be addressed. Sometimes saying you're happy as you are, is a way of avoiding the need to tackle an issue.

    Feelings of unhappiness can be a valuable 'call to action' (to use Anthony Robbins phrase). It's how you respond to feelings of unhappiness that counts.
    This was lovely, and refreshing in today's seemingly endless world of want.
  • What a great article. It is so very true and a brings up a lot of things I hadn't thought about before.
  • I have on the wall in front of me as I write this: There is no way to happiness -- happiness is the way.
    Thank you! I really needed to read this today. My family has struggled the past couple of years with "I wish", "If only" and "Someday". We will put the practices into play today to appreciate what we have and be happy with ourselves and where we are today. I think this is a wonderful thing to share with my children.
    Great article! My quote for the day: "The way you think about a situation frames your entire perception."
  • I LOVED this article. I forget sometimes that I have no control over anything other than my thinking and when I remember that I am a happier person.
  • Fabulous article! I have been living my life this way... well, 99% of the time :-) It's a huge part of my spiritual life. Yes, negative things will happen, and some are truly in the 1% of "terrible". However, most of life is just change, and I focus my creativity on how I can re-frame a situation into a positive, or solution-focused experience.

    I am amazed at the people who are married to their pain or the negativity of their past. It's as though they ask, "If I am not my pain, who am I"? I'm working on avoiding drawing this sort into my life.

    The one kick I got out of the article was the way it lumped together "overweight, being single, and money problems". Yes, being overweight can pose health problems. Money problems is self-explanatory. Single? That's only a problem if you want it to be a problem, or if you buy into some notion of our culture that makes no sense. I've been married, single and am happily partnered. It's all good!
  • This article is so great and so true. Too many times too many of us focus on our wants versus appreciating what we have. This article is just great!!
  • JBARBER1953
    What a GREAT article!!!! It is so true that we HAVE to be Happy with the here and now and I will have to say I'm getting there one step at a time.
  • The article was very good and needed. Amazingly I just came from our gratitude journal

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