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Diet-Friendly Alcohol Choices

Low Calorie Alcohol Options to Stay On Track


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    Here is a good diet friendly drink

    1.5 oz Vodka
    mixed w/ "Fuze Slenderize" drink. (any flavor you like)
    on the rocks. - 8/20/2008 5:22:31 PM
    I'm trying hard not to drink, bc I get tend to get the "munchies" ! lol
    When I do drink, it's always Rum and DIET Coke, so at least I'm not hurting myself too bad there. - 7/24/2008 2:52:24 PM
  • The problem is... 5oz is so small and wine is fine! - 7/7/2008 9:06:08 PM
    Actually, DOGTURTLEWMN, neither of those things are true (wine does not help you lose weight or build muscle). Some studies have shown a correlation between people who have 1-2 drinks a day and maintaining a healthier weight, but there's nothing about the properties of wine that CAUSE that to happen. There tends to be confounding variables like: most people who drink 1-2 servings/day have healthier habits in general. In terms of building muscle, physiologically that it doesn't make sense that any properties of wine would enhance that process.
    Coach Nicole - 6/25/2008 4:43:37 PM
    I heard recently that red wine helps you lose weight and build muscle. When I was a Weight Watcher, I had a small glass of red wine every night & lost lots of weight. I am doing it again, and I am losing when I thought I stopped! - 6/25/2008 4:36:01 PM
  • All hail wine. I think I'll stick to that. ;) - 6/24/2008 11:47:18 AM
  • It is so nice to know I can still have my glass of wine with my hot bath for my weekly treat. you guys make it so easy to fit dieting in with my life. - 6/12/2008 10:30:48 AM
  • woohoo, I am grabbing the bottle opener! wine for me! - 5/2/2008 6:13:19 PM
  • It is helpful - especially if you're doing weight watchers. I know exactly how many points are in what I like to drink so I can plan those points in for those "special times'! - 4/24/2008 3:48:55 PM
  • Guinness!! (Stout not Draught)

    1 pint Guinness Stout:

    170 cals
    0 fat
    5.7 g carbs

    - 4/24/2008 1:36:59 PM
  • Wahooo that means everytime I go drinking i drink 1600 Calories of tequila a night...geeze that my limit for the day :s - 4/15/2008 2:00:50 AM
    So I've always been right... if you want a cheap buzz, skip everything and go right for the hard stuff, haha. - 4/5/2008 1:26:59 PM
  • awesome article. Enjoy my drinks but will stick with Light beer from now on. - 4/4/2008 1:16:30 AM
  • This had to go in my favs. I enjoy a drink every now and then and just knowing the calorie intake is very helpful. I've always cut down extremely for breakfast and lunch if I knew I could possibly have a drink that night -- now I can follow calories a lot closer, Thanks! - 3/21/2008 7:15:06 AM
  • This article is great! I think that it's club soda and not tonic water that is the calorie free option though. - 3/17/2008 9:20:19 PM

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