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Your Party Guide to Diet-Friendly Drinks


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  • wait, some beer is less calories per ounce then the wine, so its more diet friendly
  • Thanks for posting the lo-cal cocktail recipes. I didn't know that they actually made sugar free syrup mixes. I can't wait to try these. :-)
  • The article is insightful. I normally drink once a week ( on the weekend) I drink whiskey or gin and chase with no sugar red bull ( 10 calories per serving). I also normally regulate what I eat.

    For Example:
    Breakfast: 2 eggs 2 pieces of Oscar Mayer bacon ( 210- 140(eggs) and 70 (2 slices of bacon)
    Lunch: Ham or Turkey sandwhich: normally runs around 300 calories) and a fruit
    Dinner: Boneless skinless chicken breast: around 150 cal a veggie and mashpotatoes ( another 200 cals at the most) = 350
    So my calorie intake for the day is 900 calories roughly.

    Then I drink at 80 cals a drink and have about 4-5 shots = 400 calories. So I am at 1300 calories.

    I don't know if this is the way you are supposed to do it. But I eat 3 meals that day and drink a lot of liquor. I don't drink beer or mixed drinks.
  • Should have said incomplete not irrelevant because if this helps any of you then it is obviously not irrelevant.
  • Having fun with your friends, a glass of wine with your DH, or a cold beer on a hot day can all be done in moderation! I appreciate the calorie lo-down on the drinks, but did notice the discrepancy (sp?) noted on this article and the SP nutrition tracker.
  • Well I kind of agree that the best diet-friendly choice is water or green tea. But as we are moving towards a healthier lifestyle and not to a monastery, it's good to know the best choices to make when we want to enjoy a glass of wine/beer/alcohol. Does not mean that you can go for it on a daily basis, or forget that moderation is your best friend, or that you can scrap off important food from your nutrition plan to compensate. When you cannot let it just make the smartest choice, have just one, enjoy it and sweat it out. And next time just say no.
  • I usually drink gin when I go to a bar, so I have to be careful with the mixer. It's not like tonic tastes sweet, but there are calories.

    I'm hear to tell you that you CAN have a great time being at the bar without drinking. I've done it many times. It's simply a choice. You can choose not drink, drink in moderation or get trashed! When I go to the bar, I'm there to have fun with my friends and I enjoy the environment. It'd been so long since I'd consumed alcohol regularly, the last time I partied with my friends, I think it only took two drinks before I felt loopy! Sad, but true! LOL! But, I don't like how that feels nor do I like a hangover the next day, so I keep it to a minimum! If I do go to "PARTY," I still tend to taper off as the night goes on so I don't have the ill effects the next day. Also, I have too much to lose to be busted for driving under the influence!

    Have a safe St. Patty's Day everyone!
  • In regards to previous comment about a previous comment: I should have use "his" instead of
  • I happen TO LIKE THE TASTE OF WINE so even though I may not even get a buzz from it, it still makes sense to drink it. The suggestion that someone made that wine drinkers have tea FAILS to realize the faulty assumption upon which her implicit inference and explicit recommendation is based: people don't drink wine (or any other alcohol) only to socialize and or only to get buzzed. Some people drink wine because they like the aroma, taste, and texture.
  • I disagree that it is irrelavant. When my fiance and I go out tonight, he will have a beer and I will either have a mixed drink or a glass of wine--because that's what I like. I can easily tell from this article that wine is a likely better choice. I'm the driver, I won't have more than one drink, but I don't have to give up alcohol altogether just because I want to lose weight.
  • usually i drink mgd 64 (64 cals in one bottle) or vodka and seltzer water. but i love beer so on special occasions and nights out which don't happen too often i have a better beer.
  • This article is irrelevant because how can you give info on alcohol without listing the alcohol percentage per serving?

    I mean drinking wine if you are going for a buzz is not near as good as liquor because with wine you will need 2 or 3 times the serving to get the same buzz as you would have with liquor.

    If you are one of those who claims to not drink for a buzz but instead for the socialness of it then I would suggest that you fill your wine glass with a good sugar free green tea and just act as if it is wine.
  • What about champagne ?
  • i usually stick with red wine, captain & diet coke, or jack & diet coke. i have a big weakness for jagerbombs, so i try to do the least damage possible by using sugar-free redull! if it wasnt for 4 years of cheap keg beer in college, i probably wouldnt even be on this site! :(
  • I agree with Brookex1 - how can Sparkpeople write an article that gives out information that doesn't even match what they are providing in their own nutritional database?

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