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Your Party Guide to Diet-Friendly Drinks


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  • oh sure sis!!!! make it OK for me to drink, sheesh!!!! LOL like i need a reason
  • Vodka is good if you mix with crystal light. My favorite is the early rise orange. It tastes great and 115 cal per drink.
  • Why does 1.5 ounce of vermouth have twice as many calories as an ounce?
    I have been dieting for the past 4 months. I have lost 23 lbs. and I have still had my scotch and water (2) about 3-4 times a week. If you can count you can make sure that you loose weight also otherwise give up the booze and loose weight. But if you do not know how to control it you will not loose it and it will all come back and faster than before.
  • MARTY32M
    I forgot: you have to add the calories from carbs to the calories from alcohol. Don't you wish alcoholic beverages had Nutrition Facts labels? That would make is too simple!
  • MARTY32M
    The table says rye, scotch, rum, all have the same calorie content. But the calorie content doesn't depend on the source of the alcohol, it depends on the percent alcohol. Some whiskeys are bottled at 80 proof (40% alcohol), some at 100 proof. Same for wine: calorie content doesn't depend on the grape variety, it depends on the percent alcohol, which can vary from 8% to 14% just among table wines. Same for beer. The table should have been written to show calorie content for different percent alcohol. All it takes is a little arithmetic. There's about 170 calories in a fluid ounce of pure ethanol; multiply the size of the drink in ounces by the percent alcohol by 1.7 and Bob's your uncle.
  • Wow. I had no idea that my Grand Marnier was so caloric. I'll stick to wine from now on.
    Michelob Ultra, #1 choice for light beer, Coors Light or Corona Light for a close 2nd. Wish they had seasonal (sam adam's Octoberfest, Xmas beers) in a light version!
  • Helpful article, since I rarely drink and would have no clue as how many calories I am getting on the rare times when I do have a glass of wine.
    It’s great to hear another voice of reason on the subject of alcohol and diet. For the last year I have felt like a lone voice in the wilderness shouting that alcohol and weight loss can coexist. As you say, it all comes down to calories in vs. calories out. A bagel has about 350 calories. A bottle of Guinness dials in at 125 calories. Lose the bagel at the morning meeting and you have plenty of room for a couple of beers or a glass of wine after work.

    Alcohol and diet are a passion of mine. I’ve have spent the last year trying to dispel the myth that the only way to diet is strict prohibition. I’m always happy to see others draw the same conclusion. You can check out our best argument at

    (Feel free to remove the link if you feel it’s appropriate to do so. For the record, we take no advertising and have nothing to sell. We look like a commerce site, but it is more of an art project. Someday we hope to have a book—and we will definitely send you a copy—but until then we do this because it’s fun, funny and something we’re passionate about.)
  • There is also a brand called Skinnygirl Cocktails and they make cocktail mixes that, compared to other brands, don't have many calories. Pretty tasty too!
    if you like drink vodkas and don't want drink highs calories vodka, you musth choos only best quality vodka. if you don't know good vodkas, use this course:
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  • i was actually just thinking about low calorie alcohol drinks! i also heard that bacardi is low calorie too. My mom's friend, who was on her own diet plan and lost alot of weight, also made up a low calorie drink using Absolute citron, pomegrante juice, and a splash of diet 7up. It tasted great too!!

    my only concern is... what about college students? as everyone knows, and most college kids cannot deny, when you go to parties, you often drink more than 1 or 2 drinks. so 1 beer that is 100 calories all of a sudden goes to 5 beers and 500 calories! and it makes you bloated! so what are some good drinks that would work for those kind of situations?

    What about Cassadores (Tequilla) with Squirt soda and a twist of Lime. Aoout how many calories is that drink. An 8 0z drink?
  • The "Beer" portion of this may confuse. There are hundreds of types of beer, and ANY of those beers can be "draft." There are ales (Guinness, for example) that have fewer calories than most lagers, and then there are ales that pack major calories (Check out Left Hand Milk Stout -- youch!). They just can't be stripped down to just those categories, because there are too many variations.

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