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Your Party Guide to Diet-Friendly Drinks


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    Here is a good diet friendly drink

    1.5 oz Vodka
    mixed w/ "Fuze Slenderize" drink. (any flavor you like)
    on the rocks.
    I'm trying hard not to drink, bc I get tend to get the "munchies" ! lol
    When I do drink, it's always Rum and DIET Coke, so at least I'm not hurting myself too bad there.
  • The problem is... 5oz is so small and wine is fine!
    Actually, DOGTURTLEWMN, neither of those things are true (wine does not help you lose weight or build muscle). Some studies have shown a correlation between people who have 1-2 drinks a day and maintaining a healthier weight, but there's nothing about the properties of wine that CAUSE that to happen. There tends to be confounding variables like: most people who drink 1-2 servings/day have healthier habits in general. In terms of building muscle, physiologically that it doesn't make sense that any properties of wine would enhance that process.
    Coach Nicole
    I heard recently that red wine helps you lose weight and build muscle. When I was a Weight Watcher, I had a small glass of red wine every night & lost lots of weight. I am doing it again, and I am losing when I thought I stopped!
  • All hail wine. I think I'll stick to that. ;)
  • It is so nice to know I can still have my glass of wine with my hot bath for my weekly treat. you guys make it so easy to fit dieting in with my life.
  • woohoo, I am grabbing the bottle opener! wine for me!
  • It is helpful - especially if you're doing weight watchers. I know exactly how many points are in what I like to drink so I can plan those points in for those "special times'!
  • Guinness!! (Stout not Draught)

    1 pint Guinness Stout:

    170 cals
    0 fat
    5.7 g carbs

  • Wahooo that means everytime I go drinking i drink 1600 Calories of tequila a night...geeze that my limit for the day :s
    So I've always been right... if you want a cheap buzz, skip everything and go right for the hard stuff, haha.
  • awesome article. Enjoy my drinks but will stick with Light beer from now on.
  • This had to go in my favs. I enjoy a drink every now and then and just knowing the calorie intake is very helpful. I've always cut down extremely for breakfast and lunch if I knew I could possibly have a drink that night -- now I can follow calories a lot closer, Thanks!
  • This article is great! I think that it's club soda and not tonic water that is the calorie free option though.

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