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Your Party Guide to Diet-Friendly Drinks


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  • This article is very helpful. I mix vodka with 50 calorie cranberry juice, and white rum with diet V8 tropical blend juice depending on my mood. Otherwise it's red wine for me 🍷.
    This sites awesome! Has anybody checked out they have great stuff too!
    Thanks for an informative article!
  • all in moderation
  • This is a great article to read if you're having a party and you went low calorie drinks! Great ideas!
  • Mocktails are good also. I have even considered starting a Sparkteam about such.
  • Not really my thing.
  • I have found that flavored vodka with club soda and fruit is a great way to go. Raspberry vodka w lime, blood orange with orange... Whatever floats your boat. Just keep an eye out for vodkas that add sugar with the flavor. I can't have fake sugar so diet soda isn't an option, but flavored sparkling water works great (beware of fake sugars)

    One problem with this article is the term "draft beer". Draft beer comes from the lightest of beers to double fermented IPA, to some thick stouts. None of these are even close to equal. Many individual Brewers provide nutrition info.
  • I have noticed in past blogs that this info is helpful to a good many people on SPARK, so I am glad it is here and available. For me -- not the info I am looking for.
  • i did stop drinking beer although i love it
  • I find that the real problem with drinking alcohol and dieting is that drinking loosens the boundaries. It is harder for me to control myself and not to eat foods that I don't want to eat when I diet.
  • I carry crystal light lemonade flavor and sugar free key lime juice in my purse when we go to happy hour Friday. I order tequila in a margarita glass with rocks, salt and lime. I add my own very low calorie mixer to make a low cal margarita. It tastes just as good to me. But, it is true that it does make me crave chocolate after I drink it. I have made it a point to only have one drink a week.
    I sent this article to others, concise info. Personally, I dislike the taste of alcoholic drinks, so no problem trying to fake it.
    If I drink any alcohol, it's not the calories those one or two glasses of wine that bother me, but that they lower my resistance to eat too much.

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