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Exercising with a Stability Ball

Put Some Bounce in Your Workout


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    I have one and am going to use it more often. Especially since I have seen the demos. I have a little more confidence.
    I have been using my Gym Ball for so many years and found it really VERY helpful in easing aches and pains all over body, as it exercises all the muscles.
    One can do so many different types of movements with this ball with a little practice to balance at the start. I feel like getting a message at my back with this GYM BALL. Any one can use the gym ball at home at her own with peace and convenience.
  • Whenever I get on my ball, I love the stretch. I have fallen off a few times, but if you concentrate on what you are doing it is a great workout.
    I have a 19 cm balance ball and would like some exercises to do with it.
  • I had used my ball instead of a desk chair for the better part of a year now...I love it! I figure any movement rather than just sitting here for hours while I work is better than nothing yes?
    I have two and have never used them at home have tried them at the Gym will have to get my out and use them all the post have me want to use them.
  • This article has me pumped up to get my ball out of the closet and get started on it again, plus there are two exercises shown that I can add to my routine for my back.
    Good going.
  • One of the Nurse Case managers sits on hers all the time during the day.
    I tried it last night (work nights) I know they make ones that are burst resistant, AND won't roll away. THAT would be something I would need. could not abide the feeling the ball was rolling!!
  • In addition to doing a stability ball workout, it's also great to sit on while watching television. As I'm sittng on it, I can feel my core muscles pulling and that's great. Also, helps with my posture in sitting up straight.
  • I have a ball that has been sitting in a corner for a couple years in my computer/exercise (not) room. After reading the comments by SHERPASCHICK & SHADOWPUP about using it as a chair at the computer I immediately exchanged it for my chair. What a great idea. Thanks ladies!!! This article will also help me get going. It looks like fun and I can even take the ball with me to my nanny job.
    WOW..THANK YOU.. Super article I cant do them all but I can try and do some.

    I do use the ball for alot of stuff due to that I have back problems and nerve damage, so this article is really good..PLEASE MAKE SOME MORE..but at bit more easy for people like me that is sometimes limited to smaller movements.. Besdies that TAHNK YOU!!! Sonia:)
  • I have one, in a lovely purple, :-) but I am afraid of it popping! How much weight will these things hold?
  • I was searching for some exercises to use my ball for. I was given the idea to use it in place of my computer chair for additional exercise. You are getting a work out and you don't even have to "work" for it. Let me tell you. It has really done some work. I woke up sore this morning after just a couple hours last night and i didn't do anything extra.
  • I used my ball for the first time yesterday, I think you use more muscles trying to maintain your balance than you do on the exercise you trying to perform. Great tool to use
  • i tried using a stability ball just by bouncing gently and somehow pulled a muscle in my hip? is this common or am i just unlucky?!

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