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Get Fit for Less Dough

Trim Your Waist, Not Your Wallet


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    where I live the YMCA is the most expensive 'health club' and the only place besides the university that has both workout equipment and a reasonable pool for swimming laps. Planet Fitness is only $30 a month or even less if you get a deal, but no pool. So we pay way more, but also feel like we're giving back to the community because of all the programming the Y offers to low income folks. etc.
  • For the multi-page comments--if you guys don't care about getting the sparkpoints for the article just click on the print icon to the left. You'll be able to read the whole article on one page.
    I agree with WALKZWDOGZ. Two pages are too many! I do not understand all these mutlipage articles. You must be getting paid by the page.
  • Great tips, but having to click through SIX pages for about as many paragraphs?
  • Great tips on machines, exercises eqiutment and where to look to buy hat you need. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week.
  • Don't forget about freecycle either. Post what you want, since it's all free lots of folks have this stuff sitting around and want to get rid of it as long as you pick it up. Happy New Years everyone. Donna
  • great tips... it can cost very little at home too
    I was just thinking I have no "proper" running attire other than shoes.... I wear yoga pants I got on clearance for $6, i do wear a dri fit shirt I got at NIke for $10 on clearance, and thats it!... regular hoodies, coats and socks.... bargain shopping love it - it may not always be the colour you want but it WORKS
    SPark on friends!
  • Here's a good tip for people on a tight budget:

    pushups and squats and core exercises at home in front of the TV. Zero cost, great workout!
  • I guess I am pretty lucky because my gym membership is just 20 dollars a month. There are no fancy swimming pools or workout classes, but I use the treadmill, bikes and machines. My gym is called YouFit (formerly Planet Fitness). I recently decided I wanted to take aerobic dance classes and so signed up for Jazzercise, which was more expensive, but since I had to pay ahead of time, it motivates me to go.
    The gym I'm considering costs less than $1 a day. I think it's worth it, I'M WORTH IT, even if I'm/you're on a tight budget. Try to give up a weekly/daily visit to the coffee shop for that fancy latte or something that's less important than a workout. Like the article says--negotiate for your best price. You can also join for a period of time, learn some routines and do them at home on your own mat or rent or tape a fitness video. There is a Fitness Channel on Comcast and I'm sure on the others, as well. Goes back to...No Excuses i.e. I can't afford it, it's too far from my house, I'm too tired. NO EXCUSES
  • None of these "tips" are very good for a person on a very tight budget. What about freecycle or craigslist for free items or going for a walk? I can't afford a gym membership even at the Y. I have gotten a recumbent bike and some 2 lb weights free from craigslist.
  • I don't see a comment here regards to Play it again Sports. That is were I got my mini tramp. Perfect condition for alot LESS than new!
  • I've found a LOT of great workouts right here at SP. As long as you have a high speed internet connection the workout videos are very good & show easier options for difficult moves. And they're free, just like SP. I got my resistance bands & the stability ball from Target/Wal-Mart for less than $40 for both.

    I'm also fortunate to have a fitness center that is part of the local healthcare/hospital provider. Their fees are very inexpensive at about $50/month & includes exercise physiologists on duty at all times to be sure you're using the equipment & doing exercises correctly so you don't hurt yourself. It's a great deal, no frills, but clean & well-maintained. That might be another option for people to check into...
  • I have found that the major added cost has been buying new clothes. Even though I will go to consignment shops and cheaper clothing places like Target and Old Navy - it still all adds up. Right now I just realized that I have absolutely nothing for spring/summer wear now that I have lost over 50 pounds. That's an additional cost that I wasn't completely considering as I was just excited to be getting new and smaller sized clothing. Which, let's face it, is pretty awesome - but it all still adds up!!

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