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Healthy Fitness Horoscopes

Your Fitness Future is in the Stars!


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Guess what?? Sagitarius fit me to a ""T""----- Funny!!! Report
Guess what?? Sagitarius fit me to a ""T""----- Funny!!! Report
Capricorn didn't fit for me AT ALL!! But then I read the Pisces which fit very well...good suggestions whatever the sign. Report
Healthy Fitness Horoscopes? Really? Report
thinking it's a little off base for me too. Report
I don't believe in horoscopes but find them entertaining. I will say mine is pretty accurate. Who knew? Report
I'm an Aquarius too and also thought the whole thing was way off for me. Oh well! Report
Well for one the dates are wrong. Cancer starts on June 21st, the same day as the Summer Solstice. Report
Could this be more off base. I am a scorpian and have necver been all that concerned about how I look, what my body looks like. I don't obsess over 5lbs. Don't really pay any attention to the scale. More about how I feel. And I can not say I have ever been a perfectionist in anything. Report
I have my own opinion of horoscopes and would prefer it not being mixed in with otherwise sound advice, but leaving that aside, if you just read this article, find the one that truly fits your personality (nevermind your birth date), you'll find the workout adjustments you need to make for your personality. Thanks for pointing it out. Report
Let's hear it for us scorchin' Scorpios! All together, now! Report
Horoscopes aren't accurate, but they are meant to be fun. I sort of agree with sure you read the directions carefully and understand how to use that new piece of equipment. Good advice for anyone... Report
While I am not one to believe in horoscopes, I do find them fun to read, if for no other reason than to see if they come close to matching anything about me. I am a Christian, but I do not begrudge, nor feel offended by SP including this as part of their articles...Kind of like a good fiction short story if you will. As has been mentioned throughout the thread, an inmdividual can take from it what they will. It is nice to read "fluff" every once in a while. Report
what a load of c**p! Report
As an Aquarius, I always considered myself an introvert, but this stuff is pretty close to home considering I'm enjoying my new Zumba classes. Just like the commercial says, it's a big party. And i'm the main one doing the mexican cat calls and tongue trills to keep the energy going. This article was entertaining : ) Report

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