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Meal Planning Tips for People with Type 2 Diabetes

Putting It All Together


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  • I am not diabetic, but I try to follow similar type meal plans offered on SparkPeople. Excellent information, thanks!
  • Super disappointed in the inclusion of dairy recommendations. So many people are lactose intolerant. Many others are vegan or trying to reduce cruelty.
    Interesting side note: new nutrition guidelines in Canada - the first ever to be formed without beef and dairy board influence - have eliminated recommendations for dairy entirely.
  • great information thanks
  • I started counting exchanges.
  • Thank You for the information.
    while OJ may only have 26g of carbs it is guaranteed to spike your blood sugars! it si what nurses use to get your blood sugar up rapidly if someone is having a hypoglycemic episode.
  • this looks like a good balanced plan for any one...
  • Thank you excellent information as always!
  • All vegetables and fruits do not have the same nutrient values as all others, and basing what you eat on a quarter-of-a-plate is not very accurate. Its better to find out what system works best for you, keeps everything in line, and easy to follow. While counting is tedious, a carb is a carb. It seems counter-productive to substitute a system of carb counting with one in which there is so much guesswork.
  • This seams like a lot of carbs to me. I've cut back a bit more, and didn't think OJ was even an option... but I know it makes sense not to say no to foods if you can reasonably limit them. I've been off diabetes meds since Sept 2015 and don't plan on going back on.
  • wheres the fruits and veggies..1/2 cup broccoli...really...not one leafy green (it says salad but how much is unclear),,,,then on top of all that you omit any veggies for breakfast
    This is the same info I was given in 2006. I followed it to a T and my glucose levels go higher. Took me years to figure out I just can't follow the standard dietary guidlines and lose weigh and improve A1C. I now follow LCHF and fasting. Not saying this is for everyone. As my doctor told me this week: You have to find what works best for you.
  • I was told the same thing years ago. Funny thing is that diabetics use to be referred to the Weight Watchers plan. Now that is not the case. Makes you wonder.
  • Pretty good information. My Nutritionist said, "You can eat fruit (no more than 2 servings per day) but don't drink juice" so I forgo the breakfast juice and eat 1/2 Grapefruit or orange or prunes instead. Then have cottage cheese with chopped vegetables for snack!
    Shout out to Mumbless,
    Thank you for suggesting the recumbent bike. I usually walk every morning but it's been so darn cold and the side walks are so slippy that I can't get out. But the bike thing could be the answer to my prayers and I am going to check it out on amazon. And I am a type 2 diabetic so I need to keep moving as they say.

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