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When Walking Isn't Enough

How to Add Variety to Your Walking Program


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  • I only walk. Hate exercise, can't stand counting, hold, breathe, count, how many reps was that Bah!. I am now conditioned enough that from walking along a class B (no winter maintainence) road for a km 31/2 times a week (alternate days 3 one week 4 the next) to 90 minute hikes over rough trails all 4 seasons. Three weeks ago I hiked 23 km along rough cliff tops and white cobblestone beaches. Pixie wore the pads off two of her paws, and my knees still hurt. Yesterday we hiked another 20 km plus, some of this was so rough I had to use my hands, oh and last week we after a significant uphill scramble we came to the bottom of an expanded metal spiral staircase......I CARRIED 35 lbs of squirming hound up the 32 steps. What a puff puff puff. This year I am going to try snowshoes. - 10/9/2008 12:04:32 PM
  • I needed to read this article. Although I'm only two weeks into my walking routine, I can already tell that I'm better at it than when I'm started. I did map a route with hills so I've got some more time, but I really need to look at some other activity ... maybe step aerobics ... I never could do it before because I was always out of breath. Maybe in a short time I will be able to do step in addition to my walking. - 9/14/2008 3:44:08 PM
    Thanks for a "kick in the fanny.' I love walking so much but I know that I should boost it up a notch. I'll incorporate some faster moving beginning today. I love your articles- keep them coming! - 9/14/2008 7:54:27 AM
  • In Covert Bailey's PBS-TV series on exercise, he suggest 10 second "wind sprints" when walking, which is "go a little faster for YOU" for 10 seconds and then recover. He says it pushes the body to improve. - 6/24/2008 10:51:04 AM
    If you want to intensify your walking routine, or interested in starting to run, google "Jeff Galloway". His methodology is awesome to begin running. You can totally start becoming a runner by doing 3 mins walking, 1 mins running (or jogging). I have been running for over 5 yrs now, and for regular workouts, I currently do 7 mins running, 2 mins walking. It's great!!!! - 6/7/2008 4:47:17 PM
  • Thank you for this article. My suspicions were confirmed that walking does not have the same affect on my body as it used to. I have become accustomed to walking everywhere I can since I don't have a car. My norm is about 1-6 miles a day so the shorter walks are not very challenging anymore. I especially liked the Scouts Pace method left by another commenter. Starting today when I pick up my son from pre-school I will be trying it out. - 4/11/2008 12:45:49 AM

    SROMARSH - 3/24/2008 9:08:31 AM
  • i will try tabs idea..... usually I do 3 mins of walking and then 1 min of fast walking but mebbe I should try 50?50 - 2/10/2008 10:44:16 AM
    It is so true about our bodies getting used to a certain routine and exercise.
    I notice that even going to the gym. When I first started the group classes, same class, Mon., Wed., Fri., same time and another one Tue., and Thurs., same time and on Sat. back to back class, the first one the same time in the mornings. Other than increasing the amount of weights I was using, it was the same thing every week and it got so easy that I almost reached the point of boredom.
    BY going at different times, trying new classes, alternating the machines I use and even allowing two days rest between weight training has helped me to attain better results and keeps me from becoming bored....... - 2/9/2008 7:36:40 PM
    Coach Dean
    I have been encouraging my various groups to do "Scouts Pace" - a very British thing - however, as a Medical person I think this has a really good place and maybe SP could use it and put it in their system.. The basics are you walk a number of paces then you jog/run/walk faster the same number of paces - I stared them with 15/15 - as I have crumbling bones and other wonderful illnesses getting out isn't often so I do mine on a trampet - I did 12 minutes today of 30 walking folloed by 30 jogging (girls DO NEED SPRTS BRAS FOR THIS!) and tallyed up 91 cals. Plus my heart rate was a healthy 124 from it;s norm of 68.....
    Tabs - 11/14/2007 3:58:52 PM

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