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When Walking Isn't Enough

How to Add Variety to Your Walking Program


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  • It would have been helpful to include the details of calculating your target heart rate.
  • Don't forget Nordic walking (AKA Pole-walking)!!! It boosts your calorie consumption and also gives you more of an upper body workout than regular walking. Great for people who need a low-impact alternative to running, or as a good cross-training sport. I've been NW for years and I love it!
  • Walking is a great activity because almost anyone can do it. But I do agree that is n't always enought, and sometimes you just can't - sorained ankle, bad knees, sore feet, etc. I like swimming as an alternate, and if you can walk but it just ins't enough anymore, try doing some elliptical training. It is a much more difficult workout. Biking can be a challenge too.
    I like to mix things up = yoga, dancing, hula hooping, aerobics: It's all good. Even going up & down stairs changes it up to boost the weight loss.
  • I love walking! Really fast. And I can even step it up a notch here in our own back yard as our 40 acre orchard is built on a bit of a slope so I enjoy walking up the rows to get my heart rate up and then down them to slow it down, thereby increasing my calorie burn that more. And some good fast, paced music in time with my fast walking pace makes it so much more enjoyable!
  • For months last year I work and at home. Usually I would go a little over a mile at a time, and I went quite slowly. It would take me close to half an hour to walk my mile.

    This winter I bought a couple Leslie Sansone DVD's and started walking at home, when it was so cold and icy outside. Leslie incorporates hand and arm movements and different steps into the walking. She also sped me up considerably! I was able to go outside and walk a couple times last week, as our temps soared into the 50's, 60's, and 70's. I did my outside mile in about 20 minutes! I'm hoping speeding up my times will be enough variety in my exercising so that it will stay effective in helping me drop the pounds. Walking is about all I can do, I have bad shoulders (arthritis affects all my joints), my knees are bad and my hips are horrible. It really limits me as far as the kinds of exercising I can do, but walking seems to hurt the least. Even with 155 lbs. less weight on them, my joints still hurt, in fact my hips seem to have gotten worse. It might be all the walking, but I refuse to give it up!
  • After an illness I had, walking was about all I could do...and it was definitely not enough for me! I'm now mostly recovered and back to builing up to where I was a few years ago. Walking has always been my favorite exercise, though.
  • I borrow dvd about walk away the pounds by Leslie Sansone I enjoy them very much.
    One day I will buy my own....
  • I love the Leslie Sansone "Walk Away the Pounds" DVDs. I can do whatever pace, however many miles I want to do, and she incorporates all the body muscles in her workouts.

    They are aerobic, and she has a 5 Mile Fat Buster which will get you up and going like a runner. They are great workouts and get the heart pumping.

    She also interviewed a lady on the 5 Mile Fat Buster at the end of her DVD. Her name is Nicole, and she lost 110 pounds doing WATP with Leslie.

    But best of all, she incorporates the steps and the movements to good music to keep up the pace, and to keep the body guessing as to what is coming up next.

    I just love her DVDs! Check out the WATP team! and check out the WATP DVDs!

    WalMart generally has them and I just recently purchased 2 for $10.00 a piece! Now that is a deal you can't beat!

  • I find the walking to be great cardio exercise. I walk four miles to work, in a hilly area, and I walk incredibly fast (generally because I'm so disorganised I set off late, so I have to speed walk!).
  • I've found that incorporating ankle weights into your walk is a great way to increase intensity and really work the leg muscles.
  • JAY75REY
    so true. at 200 lbs I had trouble completing 30 minutes of walking; even 20 was a bit hard. I have over 9 months that I needed to find other activity to keep fit and lose more weight. At 167 lbs, I can handle a LOT more activity than before.

    Through the summer I added swimming laps and water jogging at home, and I recently joined a gym. Zumba and Cardio Kick Boxing are KILLER! It's a challenge that pushes me and I work very hard. I also like water aerobics at the gym, the instructor pushes us more than I'd do on my own. I am going to mix things up now that I have the gym as an option.
  • What about adding a weighted vest - with say - 10 pounds to start?
  • Another alternative to increasing the intensity, but maintaining the safety of walking, would be to try race walking, "an Olympic Sport since 1908." In fact, once you start race walking at a high enough speed, you are actually exerting more energy than runners, because the motion is controlled (one foot must always be on the ground, the front leg must be straight) -- compare the butterfly stroke to free style. The following sites are great introductions to the sport, and have resources on groups in your community: ,, and . I hope to learn the technique so I can walk marathons and half-marathons more quickly. I feel the need for speed!
  • Good to know. I am currently just using what I have for my cardio and strength, which is me. I don't want to pay a gym membership, so I am considering purchasing a few pieces of equipment for bad weather and to throw in the mix. I have been considering a stationary bike or elliptical and/or mini trampoline. Nothing was mentioned in this article about rebounding and its benefits. I would love to see an article on rebounding. I would like to know if this is a good workout to add.
  • Very timely article! Thanks for the tips!!


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