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Dietary Supplements for Osteoarthritis

What Does the Research Really Show?


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  • I had no benefit from chondrointin and glucosamine after taking it for three months. However, I do have benefit from cod liver oil. I take two 415mg caps daily. Each person is different for what they respond to. Even my vet reccomends cod liver oil for my older dogs joints. I have had osteoarthritis since my early 20's, in my knees and elbows secondary to my joints being hyper flexible and often slightly out of alignment.
  • I lost 2/3 of the cartilege (surgically removed) in my right knee due to an accident I suffered in 1996 and also have a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder due to a fall in 2000 (luckily got enough range of motion back to avoid surgery). This has led to osteoarthritis in mainly the knee which has held me back considerably regarding exercise and caused weight gain. I recently started on Tumeric and it helped a great deal...and I was VERY skeptical when I started. The pain in my knee and also in my shoulder has subsided SIGNIFICANTLY. I also checked on WebMD and they show studies that Tumeric is useful for people suffering from osteoarthritis.
  • Thank you for this article. I am recovering from my first big osteoarthritis flare up and it was pretty scary. I am having to learn new ways to do things and I don't want this to cause me to stop losing weight (which should help ease symptoms a lot) and exercise. This gives me some things to look into, bearing safety in mind. I appreciate it.
  • This is so confusing to me. Other studies support that SAMe or Glucosamine sulfate have little to no effect on relieving osteoarthritis.

    I have just been diagnosed with this and don't know what to do.
    I think I would like to see 3 groupings for me to choose.
    I would not like to shove more medication into me.
    I would like to see natural supplements clearly differentiated as to whether safe for vegetarians or vegans, also gluten free - 3 main categories for me and in family.
    Also I would like to see herbs and spices clearly spoken of.
    I would love lists of foods to use.
    I then may choose herbs that will not clash with meds, and really prefer food, spice and herb options as salads, casseroles, and soups and smoothies are becoming the staple of my dietary arrangements for certain health issues, including vital weight loss.
    Oh, is that all? Any chance? Thank you.
  • How do I change my nutrition planner to one that will help me plan my meals for osteoarthritis.
    Thank you, I am anxiously awaiting a reply. I am desperate.
  • These articles are very informative and should aid those who are looking for help with osteoarthritis supplements. Good job!
  • I just had surgery on my shoulder for a bone spur and found out I have it. This article taught me alot.
    This is an EXCELLENT article on dietary supplements for osteoarthritis. Being diagnosed with it a few years back, I decided to use supplements after taking prescription drugs that had ill effects for me. The supplements have slowed progression and provide some relief...I can't take most pain relievers because of my NAFLD liver disease. It's great to have confirmation that I am on the right track with the supplements. One thing that I wish the article had addressed was the recommended dosage of the supplements.

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