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Throw a Fitness Party!

Burn Calories While You Bond


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  • I have friends who don't get around well at church so I got some chair exercise videos along with Walk Away the Pounds videos and started an exercise group at church. Sadly it is now down to just one other person but we do have fun. - 11/8/2012 10:07:00 AM
  • Very good idea that I will adopt. In the past I have started the New Year off with a sister/girlfirend walk Jan 1st and a "turkey" trot while Thanksgiving dinner was cooking. Will add this to the list. - 9/6/2012 10:12:44 AM
  • This is a cute idea and I'm all for throwing some version of this type of party but there's no way I could have more than 1 person working out in my tiny apartment at one time. There's barely enough room in the living room for me by myself.

    However, since it's summer and the weather is nice, perhaps it can be a daytime thing outdoors, followed by a picnic. That I could do. - 6/6/2012 1:12:34 PM
  • What a cool idea. better than the same old party or going out to a club. - 2/4/2012 5:39:08 PM
  • This is the best idea I've read on SP so far. I LOVE this! I'm already organizing one... - 11/9/2011 4:18:23 PM
  • What a wonderful idea! I will definitely be trying this one! - 5/22/2011 12:59:16 PM
  • I love...LOVE this idea!!! Thanks! - 4/25/2011 4:56:33 PM
  • What a great idea! Instead of just getting together to hang out &/or to watch movies or the like, this actually encourages people to get moving, as well as to trade ideas & equipment, etc.. Recycling's a great idea, as is getting together with friends. :) - 4/25/2011 4:03:06 PM
  • LOVE IT! Thanks for the great article and idea! Seems like a community/neighborhood clubhouse would be a great place for this, if you have one. In the summer you could even go for a swim or hot tub afterward. - 4/9/2011 1:56:01 PM
    This is such an original idea! I absolutely love it! - 4/7/2011 3:41:03 PM
  • This is such a wonderful, original idea! Every woman in the world should try this one out! - 4/5/2011 5:07:39 PM
  • What a great idea! I can't wait to have my very own fitness party! :-) - 4/5/2011 1:20:46 PM
  • Sounds like a great idea. Too bad my apartment is WAY too small. Plus I feel guilty doing an exercise tape alone in the apartment (the downstairs neighbors probably think a heard of elephants are running through!) but when I finally move to a house, this might be our housewarming party! :) - 4/5/2011 8:47:47 AM
  • What a great idea- a fitness party! I can't wait to try this one out. Thanks for a great article! - 4/5/2011 3:43:16 AM
  • Recently I went to a Health and Wellness party. There was a big turnout but in the end it was a woman trying to sell her expensive vitamins and magic potions. It did however get me to thinking that I would to continue the idea. Perhaps invite a nutritionist or a trainer. I love the water bottle and pedometer ideas. A new take on the tupperware parties of yesterday.

    CAPEJIM, I can see it working for men. Your options may be limited and the invitations may be too formal but a day of golf where you walk the holes instead of ride in the cart. Invite someone that can teach the basics or help with different strokes. Toss around a football, soccer or play a game of hoops before you watch the game. Have a couple of healthy choices for snack rather than the nachos, chips and beer(if you drink that).

    Just think, we can start a new rave! - 4/4/2011 8:45:22 PM

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