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Throw a Fitness Party!

Burn Calories While You Bond


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  • When you have 27 friends that run/walk with you 7 days a week, set a goal to finish within the top 1/4 of a race be it the Race for the Cure or a Hunger/Food Bank race, accomplish the goal, it's always a fitness party.
  • I did pin this article, however, great to share.
  • My apartment's so small it could only fit one person but I imagine it could work at the local indoor rink. I'm on disability but maybe I could spring for admission for 2 friends and give them goodie bags after. I doubt they would have any fitness tapes or equipment and none of us are the same size. We don't even have DVD players or TVs, only computers, though I guess that works. I just rely on YouTube. Good idea, tho.
  • I threw my fitness party! Here's my post about it:
  • This actually sounds like a really fun indea! I wonder if I could get enough people interested near me?
  • LOVE this idea! Emailing my friends NOW!!!
  • What a great article! I have just planned my first fitness party for February so that I can look forward to keeping on track for this year's resolutions and help my friends out, too :) I'm looking forward to it already! I'll definitely post how the party goes later!
  • I have friends who don't get around well at church so I got some chair exercise videos along with Walk Away the Pounds videos and started an exercise group at church. Sadly it is now down to just one other person but we do have fun.
  • Very good idea that I will adopt. In the past I have started the New Year off with a sister/girlfirend walk Jan 1st and a "turkey" trot while Thanksgiving dinner was cooking. Will add this to the list.
  • This is a cute idea and I'm all for throwing some version of this type of party but there's no way I could have more than 1 person working out in my tiny apartment at one time. There's barely enough room in the living room for me by myself.

    However, since it's summer and the weather is nice, perhaps it can be a daytime thing outdoors, followed by a picnic. That I could do.
  • What a cool idea. better than the same old party or going out to a club.
  • This is the best idea I've read on SP so far. I LOVE this! I'm already organizing one...
  • What a wonderful idea! I will definitely be trying this one!
  • I love...LOVE this idea!!! Thanks!
  • What a great idea! Instead of just getting together to hang out &/or to watch movies or the like, this actually encourages people to get moving, as well as to trade ideas & equipment, etc.. Recycling's a great idea, as is getting together with friends. :)

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