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Throw a Fitness Party!

Burn Calories While You Bond


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  • This sounds like a great idea. Thank You.
    I've been a loner my whole life, I have a huge backyard and a built-in barbeque, may try this in the summer.
  • would love to have friends around to do this
  • This is a great idea. Adult answer to a kid's party at Discovery Zone.
  • One of my friends and I are having a "dance party" this week featuring a Zumba and WiiDance in our attempts to make fitness fun. I love all the ideas you shared here. We will definitely be using some of these in the future! Thank you!
  • It doesn't sound like fun at all and way too time consuming
    Such a great and creative idea!
  • This sounds perfectly awful and then some. Also an introvert and older. Not ashamed of my body just don't know people who would even think about doing something, well so, stupid. I know I am old but why would anyone want to do something like this. Even in my teens and twenties I preferred to exercise in solitude with solo activities - running, biking, X-C skiing. The only multi-tasking I did was taking the time to think and experience the silence.
  • Hey, I still use those Jane Fonda videos. I also have several new Belly dance DVD's (Amazon is great for new stuff). If you want cheap DVD's, Goodwill here generally sells them for 25 cents. Of course that means you have to have an antique video machine. :)

    Think of me when you belly dance, I am over 60 and the last class I took everyone was young enough to be my daughter or granddaughter. It is great fun.
    Can my gang of friends consist of just my cat? As an introvert with body shame issues, this sounds horrific. Not everyone is into group activities. I'm sure that extroverts would find this a fun, healthy, bonding time. Introverts would find it hugely stressful. I'd love to see some more " Joyously Alone Time" activities.
  • Throwing a fitness party should be fun.
  • Very creative idea! Just don't think my carpet would lend itself well to exercising. Need to have the right room.
    I know not one single soul who would come to such a party, seriously, even if I offered free Gelato!!
  • Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing.
  • Loving it. Great.

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