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Tools for a Healthy Kitchen

Save Time & Eat Healthy with these Small Appliances


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  • Wouldn't it be better and cheaper to eat the fruit and veggies whole rather than juiced?
  • good to know tools.
  • correction
    I paid $40.00 for the hand blender regular $100.00
  • I bought a small magic bullet that holds 2 cups, it cost $20.00 on sale & came with the main container that has a lid for storage as well as 4 extra plastic glasses for smoothies, you can grind vegetables and add liquid to make instant homemade soup that you only have to heat up. It makes fruit & vegetable smoothies, grinds coffee beans & spices. You can make many sauces with it. I also bought a good quality hand blender that comes with a small food processor attachment,it has 2 speeds, one 2 times the speed as the 1st speed. I paid $0.00 on sale new regular $100.00.I have a regular hand mixer with a dough beater attachment. For one person this is more then enough and I have no leftovers to reheat so it makes it more nutritious with more options of variety for me.
  • Proctor and Gamble Chopper and Mini Food Processor: Much easier to clean than a blender or food processor

    Garlic Crusher
  • have most of these I think , save for the dehydrator and the juicer...thinking about the juicer but need to do substantial research first I think!
  • I'm going to look for a nice toaster oven this weekend
  • I ordered a silverware organizer from Walmart Online and it was awesome. Have never seen one like it. Adjustable in case you move and have larger drawers. Will fit any size. I really feel organized.
    I like double duty devices. I use my crockpot for cooking stews, beans, rice, steaming seitan or tamales for example.
    Even though my family size is decreasing as kids move out, I still prefer a large crockpot. Sure it makes too much food for one meal -- and that's the point. A batch of crockpot stew, for example, now gives me two dinners and a couple lunches for pretty much the same amount of work a making it for one dinner.

    I have no intention of downsizing now that I now longer have a large family to feed.
  • My go to items are my crockpots, my measuring tools (scale, cups, spoons,), my spice grinder (flaxseed) and my knife block. I also have a toaster oven and a blender that i use semi often but not as much as the others.
  • That does it! I am finally getting a dehydrator AND a toaster oven. What have I, as a single person with no one else around, been thinking? Both would really help me a lot. Good stuff. I should get the few other things I don't have, but for now it's two basics: toaster oven and dehydrator.
  • The rice cooker is the most important for me. I have never once successfully made rice on the stove top, it's always over cooked or under cooked, and always leaves a layer of burned rice on the bottom. Once i got the rice cooker, no problems at all. It's perfect.
  • I couldn't live without my crockpot. I am retired, but enjoy cooking up a big batch or curried chicken, or healthy chili and then freezing for later. I use to do this while at work, but now I have the benefit of smelling the wonderful food all day long. I also adore my rice cooker for lentils, rice, beans and quinoa. I haven't tried oatmeal in it yet, but have heard a lot of people do that. We shall see.

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