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The Causes of Osteoarthritis

Learn Which Risk Factors You Can Control


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good points Report
need to get the seeds back! Report
Great information Report
good info Report
Totally beneficial, great reading thank you Report
Very informative! Thanks Report
Excellent information! Report
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very informative Report
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This is good information. In the course of 1 year my toes changed appearance. My doctor informed me that the toe joints had fused together due to osteoarthritis. Luckily my toes don't hurt, but I want to do all I can possibly do to prevent this in other joints. Report
Thanks, Great Info! Report
Thank you for the helpful information! Report
foods rich in vitamin c(apples,oranges,papaya,sweet bananas) and flavonoids like allicin,anthocyanins and lycopene are good antioxidants that prevent inflammation of your joints. garlic,onions,watermelon and avocado are good choices. Report
This was very helpful and exactly what i was looking for thankyou Report

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