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The Most Fun You'll Ever Have Burning Fat

Dance Your Way to Health & Fitness


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  • LOVE to dance :)
  • Nyle's dance routine... he wanted to prove deaf people can do anything.
  • CELTICCLASSINLA....I too am mostly deaf. Someday I might be totally deaf but I will always still dance or move to walk I feel in my heart. And, anyone who saw Nike on Dancing With the Stars could see a deaf person could totally express his emotions through dance. His dance to Hold On moves me to tears.
  • Wish I knew how to dance but I gave up when I was young after a couple guys told me I was not good. I only dance around my house when I'm alone. I like it and it makes my dogs get goofy and excited. 🙂
  • I love dancing of all sorts. I used to salsa, but at the time I had very early starts and was exhausted the following morning, after a 3 hour session the night before. Also I couldn't progress further as I am dyspraxic and was unable to do double spins! This has reminded me to get out my old salsa exercise DVDs - no double spins there!!
    Just a shame DH hates dancing :-(
  • See my comment from last month. A month later there's no change. You can't dance to music you can't hear. End of story. We shouldn't be penalized for not being able to do a particular challenge and we aren't credited for checking in unless we mark the box. Not a great system. Sorry
  • I would give anything if this were an option for me. I no longer hear music and it's the one thing I miss most.
  • Another GREAT way to dance is a Flash Mob. Check your local area for a group. I get free rehearsals & get to dance for fun events! Open to all ages, or they will say if for over 18 & above. Truly a FUN experience & I get to learn new chorography. I live in an area that has several groups! I even belong to a group 5 hours away. & do them when I can!
  • I love music and when it is a great song you can't help but dance.

    I will go put on some dancing music right now!
  • I used to dance a lot and never had a weight problem. It was my joy. I could dance every dance until the dawn and still want more! However the DH cannot hear "the beat" so, eventually, we stopped going dancing. I've tried everything I can think of the help him but to no avail. How I miss it!
    I moved to Texas last year, and since January have been taking line dance classes. It's a great way to exercise while having fun, and becoming a Texan!
  • I'm totally uncoordinated so I don't know that I'd ever dance.
  • My daughter and I got jazz dance shoes for her birthday. We watch some of her movies which almost always have music in them, and whenever a song comes on, we dance. we also watch Michael Jackson's "This Is It", and a couple other videos we have of his, and we're not allowed to sit during it. Makes for a great workout!
  • We used to square dance, such fun and a good workout.
  • My great grandmother danced until she was almost 100. She was very fit and healthy to around 105, at which time she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She lived until 108, and was still in pretty good shape even then. So I think that dancing is probably very good for our health!

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