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Keeping a Sleep Diary

Solutions to Insomnia are Write In Front of You


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  • Having a fitness tracker--does this step for you.
  • I hope starting the sleep diary again helps. Sleeping 3.5 to 4 hours has gotten real old.
  • I sleep pretty well but I do have a least two bad nights of sleep a week. Maybe I should keep a sleep diary
    I've never kept any kind of a journal but I'm going to keep my first on now.
  • Starting to today. It should definitely help me out to see what I'm doing wrong!
  • gonna start the journal tonight
  • I'm not much of a journal person - will give it a try.
  • I will start my sleep journal today.
    I joined today because I wanted to give this program a chance. Although journaling will take time, I think it will help me pinpoint some things I am not aware of that keep me from sleep. So, here goes.
    I really want to get a Jawbone Up band or FitBit that can track quality of sleep. I have some crazy dreams and even though I go to bed early enough, I wonder if I'm getting enough quality sleep. I also just started reading a book about sleep called Dreamland by David K. Randall.
  • Wonderful tips, I look foreword to doing this challenge and to see where I'm going wrong in getting to sleep. Sometimes I'm up until 4am!
    Chronic insomnia. I'm going to do this starting tonight!
  • Ok, following up my last comment, I have decided that instead of keeping a sleep journal which will be very difficult for me. What I can do is have sleep targets instead. I will keep it simple and just tick off if I managed to achieve those targets each day.
  • I suffer from sever Narcolepsy so keeping a sleep diary is not only pointless for me personally but will also add extra stress on to my normal none existent sleep pattern.
    My illness isn't a sleep disorder, it is a brain disorder characterised by sleep disorders and a lack of non-REM sleep due to the brains inability to produce enough hypocretin.
    It is incurable and I have to just try my best to maintain some sort of routine where possible. I have attempted to keep a sleep diary many times before but when I am likely to fall asleep up to 6 or more times during the day and then wake up during the night about 2 or 3 times... I spend the moments I have awake trying to be as active as possible although sometimes failing, I am not about to start spending that time attempting to write a sleep journal only to find myself falling asleep whilst writing it.
    I want to improve my sleeping habits for sure, and really try to get more of a routine going, I just moved to the other side of the world and the climate and time change is taking me a while to adjust to. But as for this part of the sleep challenge, I am going to have to decline because it's just not going to be of any help for me. I can see how for many people it would be very useful though. Good luck to the rest of you!!! Happy Sleeps ;)

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