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The Best Fat-Burning Advice

A Little Bit of Knowledge Can Help Burn the Fat


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  • It's always interesting to see "exercise at 60%-80% of target heart rate. That is impossible for anyone on a beta blocker. Beta blockers suppress the heart rate, and no one on the medication can get their heart rate anywhere near the "prescribed percentage". I do wish writers of these articles would remember that and include an alternate. Actually, I would venture to say that many of the writers don't even know what a beta blocker is, much less what it does.
  • Thanks for clarifying about all the stuff we hear on this topic.
  • SHAHAI16
    Wow, do people spend 2 hours on just cardio? My whole routine is less than 2 hours and that includes cardio, strength, and yoga/stretching. Although I wonder about the zones where my heart rate should be, My resting heart rate is okay but it shoots up when I work out, at least according to the gym machines, it's read me at 180+, and while I feel I'm working hard at that level, I could go harder but worry about my heart rate being too high. Even doing the hill program walking on the treadmill it's usually around 150-160.
  • The intervals (up-to-date research) that someone mentioned as not being addressed are addressed here
  • Wow, this article ignores all the studies (large ones, peer reviewed, repeated with same results) that shows that HIIT burns fat better than steady state exercise. I suggest doing an internet search on "HIIT Research" and reading some of the better articles that will come up (or if you can follow them read the actual research studies).

    This article sounds like the old ones I read 20 years ago, would be nice to have a better article on how to burn fat faster.
    This article very helpful for losing weight and we can get beautiful fitness.
    This article was interesting and helpful!
    This article is helpful and realistic. Explains well, the important balance between exercise and diet, and the need for cardio, strength training and healthy nutritional calorie crunching.
  • "At rest, one pound of fat burns about two calories per day, while one pound of muscle burns about six calories. Simply having more muscle is not going to make that much of a difference all by itself"
    Excellent data to remember. We need it all - cardio AND strength training. Don't forget to work on flexibility and balance also. The last 2 are very important as we get older.

    Yes, it is possible to work out 2 hours per day. Lots of people watch TV for that long, so watching while walking on a treadmill or pedaling an exercise bike is quite doable. You can also break it up into segments. That said, the article doesn't say we HAVE to do that much. Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
  • I find the article palatable. There is no get slim quick pill or exercise. It all boils down to burning more calories than you consume and one pound lost is equal to burning 3500 calories more than you consume, no matter how you do it. Eat 500 calories less a day (or if you prefer to say burn 500 calories more than you eat a day), and in 7 days you will lose a pound. Do that everyday for a year, and you will lose 52 lbs.
    This article is both confusing and silly. Really - who can exercise an hour a day or at a high intensity level a lot?
    The guidelines at the end or the only sensible information in the whole thing.
    Also (as usual) assumes that everyone can (physically) exercise like this. It does not take into consideration older adults or those with physical challenges.
    This article needs to get balanced and real.
  • I subscribed to some of these thoughts. I do spend a lot of time at the gym, normally 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 mins. I'm a type A personality, lol.

  • I liked your article but if you don't live in a bubble, the 2 hours of exercise is very unrealistic.

    10-20 min. a day maybe twice a day is achievable to most people, but no real marathon runners unless it's after work.

    It seems the article is putting down those who cannot devote longer periods of time to exercise. Some don't have endurance yet and need to build up to it. Others have health concerns that limit their participation for long periods of time.

    Just a thought.
    Are there really people that have 2 hours a day to spend exercising? Really? Do they have jobs? Do they have a life outside the gym? I'd love to know who has this kind of time, I'll consider a career change.
    Just adding a bit to the claim of exercising on an empty stomach or early morning: this has been found to be effective in switching metabolism towards fat burning in athletes, hence sparing some extra glycogen for endurance exercise. Therefore the exercise on empty stomach DOES help to burn more fat but this is of no real value to general public trying to lose weight.

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