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1 Step Back, 2 Steps Forward

Don't Let a Setback Stop You from Pushing Ahead


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  • Thanks helpful article
  • I needed this today! Thank you for the encouraging words!
  • Doing this really helps. Puts a whole new perdpective on the journey.
  • Staying on the right track is hard work. Being positive is tough in a world like ours. Winston Churchill said, The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." We cannot give up on something we started.
  • right on!!! if you are looking to change your body and youve spent a lifetime abusing it.....slow down and sgow yourself some love!
  • I've been doing this right along it's a huge help. One of the teams I am has a Spark member who is in the "The Spark" and she had told me she does this. I quickly adopted it. One meal is NOT a big deal. If I really go to town and my weight goes up (sometimes 4 lbs) it'll go back down within 10 days as long as I stay on my regular eating new habits.
  • I really needed this today - took a step back yesterday and trying to not beat myself up for it.
  • This is a wonderful article! Gives us direction and hope. Fewer of us will quit the race, but just go 1 step back then 2 steps forward!

    Thanks! (((hugs)))
    I needed this today...
  • EWAGNEV493
    I especially found the closing line of this article the most helpful for me: "Just make a commitment to do things as right as possible as much as you can." I'm going to try & focus on it "as much as I can" to improve positivity & delete "negativity!"
  • I so needed to read this article today and am going to read it again because today has been such a disaster that I've been wondering if I'll recover from it. I'm in two weight loss challenges right now and gained 2.9 pounds this week on one of them and am scared of what the scales will say tomorrow. My sweet tooth has been in OVER DRIVE and it's hard to tame it back and then my sweet son, who never buys sweets, comes home with THREE boxes of Girl Scout cookies and of course, I couldn't let there by any left for tomorrow. Thankfully, he ate one box and my daughter and I chowed down on the other two. I am going to follow the advice from the article and write up a mantra of some kind I can put up in the kitchen so I'll stay away from something sweet. I don't have cookies laying around but my "addiction" the past two weeks has been warm oatmeal smothered in butter and brown sugar.....oatmeal = good for you butter/brown sugar = not so good Here's to a better tomorrow and I will be continuing on with the daily resets to get things right.
  • I liked this article but I think the saying is 1 step forward 2 steps back. To indicate you aren't making any progress.
  • I needed to read this, now I just have to apply it to my routine

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