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Active Vacation Ideas

Breaking Out of the Beach Rut


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  • When I win the lottery.........
  • When I was growing up my old man's vacation was going moose hunting in the fall. I miss those days even though I wasn';t old enough to join him.
  • I am in a wheelchair now but my good idea is that active people could go around picking up litter. As it is, I "actively" clean my house.
    This is a good article. last year me and some of my friends took an active safari in kenya through a tour operator called masimba safaris and we had a great time. Trekking through mt. longonot in the wild, we walked in the maasai mara and also watched game on foot, it was a good experience. we ate healthy with the support of our tour operator, it was great i would hightly recommend an active tour to anyone, it is good for all the family.
  • Last Aug my hubby and I took our anniversay /vacation trip to Seattle,WA. The catch was no rental car. We took public transit from the airport to our hotel and then spent the next 5 days walking all over Seattle. I think the farthest we walked roundtrip was 4 miles one day. Its the 1st vacation I came home from that I had lost weight....5 whole lbs.......
  • Living in Colorado, I am fortunate to have the chance to walk, hike, bike, and even go white-water rafting. For us, getting the chance to go to the ocean is anything but a rut -- it's a major treat!

    I liked the social action ideas, too
  • Trail maintenance work is a great way to be active and give back and you get your meals and lodging paid for. If you like the great outdoors you'd find it hard to beat. It is hard work but you meet great people and they feed you well. Contact a trail association like the Pacific Crest Trail Association on the west coast or the Appalachian Trail Association in the east.
  • Love the idea of vacation places that have nice trail and offer bicycle renting services. Unfortunately, when I was younger, my family tend to find places more to resting, not moving, haha. Luckily, quite near with my home, there's this one place good for cave exploring - Niah Cave in Sarawak or Borneo Island. I think only take about 2 hours drive.
  • Very practical advice at a time when so many people are struggling just to pay the bills. NOT.

    For those on a more modest budget, I suggest a trip to your local municipality office or chamber of commerce. I've discovered to my delight that they often have ideas for for local walks, hikes, cycling trips, and other activities that are free or very low cost. They often provide maps and pamphlets too. Check it out.
  • These all sound so cool! This definitely makes me wish I could afford a vacation, haha. But since I'm getting married this fall and we're not honeymooning right away, I can plan our honeymoon with ideas like this in mind. We're planning on visiting several spots in Western Europe... maybe we'll do a pub-to-pub ride in Ireland, too!!
  • Our vacation this year is walking college campuses to help our daughter choose where to attend school in a year. When we are done with the campus, we will walk around the town in which they are located!
    The idea of an active vacation is terrific, and I enjoyed the jumping off points here. I do think it is important to note, however, that if you're trying a new and higher-risk activity, such as cycling, white-water rafting or kayaking, that safety must also be a major concern. You should be sure you have the proper equipment, have taken all necessary instruction, and don't try to exceed your abilities the first time or two out.
    I love all ideas. My husband and I use the same for our weekends. I live in NY. There is beach on the shore Atlantic ocean. We go there on working day to swim. But on weekend we go away.

    There are boat trips around Manhattan, Governor Island, where one may walk around( I think it is possible now) looking at the skyline of NY, NJ, Brooklyn and listening the waives beating, Bettery Park or Central park. Just get around.

    There are beautiful Hudson river. Take trip on boat from NY to Albany. Call to the Commander and take trip by boat to the West point. Or another boat around mystic island.

    Really it is not cost too much. It is not important where to go, far away or in the local trip. Just go.
  • I loved this article. I'm actually planning on a 3 day cycling "expedition" in the mountains next week... Looking forward to it! :)
  • Your article reminded me of Colin and Julie Angus who are making a human powered journey from the northern tip of Scotland to Syria on 2 bikes pulling 2 sculling boats on a trailer. While this is too ambitious for most of us, making a smaller journey in the US on the Erie Canal, or off the coast of British Columbia on boat and bike sounds fabulous and is now on my dream list. My change wold be to use a bicycle mechanisms t0 paddle the kayak; it is faster and you are always facing forward and your hands are free to take pictures. You can follow their journey on Angus Adventures.

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