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Talk Yourself into Reaching Your Goals

How Self-Talk Can Help (or Hinder) Your Progress


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  • This is a great article. Thanks SP.
  • Great article! I’ve never thought about it this way.
  • Positive self speak is so important.
  • I found that either putting my hand on my opposite shoulder or envisioning it and thinking an encouraging word, like a kind mentor would, has helped me progress a lot. When I start to beat myself up, I "state the facts" by writing them down. I'm not a loser because I chose not to go to the gym today. I made a choice.

    A little self-kindness goes a long way. It's hard to do at first.

    Remember that if kicking ourselves in the butt worked and being cruel to ourselves worked, we wouldn't be here looking for ways to take better care of ourselves which includes getting more exercise or losing some weight.
  • That's a very helpful and eye-opening article. I should treat myself the same as I treat other people I love. Because I love myself. Well.. that's true most days!
    Thanks for sharing!
  • This is a great article -- analyzing behaviors, including positive actions, and offering rewards for the positive ones. I watch baseball daily, and coaches do this, on TV, for their players. There are many $$$ at stake, so players are sure to practice exercises or techniques recommended by their coach, to get more points for their team. It works! DONNALOU76
  • This makes so much'm doing the best I can, and that's good enough.
  • Great article! Thank you!
    Keeping myself motivated is one of my biggest challenges. Great points in the article and I will begin to practice those to assist me as I achieve my goals. Thanks!
  • SLIMAT125
    Thank-you for your insights!
  • SALLY8180
    This really hit home. Thank you!
  • Thank you for the article. The first tip about saying things to yourself that you wouldn't say to others was what I needed to hear. We cannot succeed if we are always negative and down on ourselves. So I am going to really tune in to positive thoughts for myself.
  • Thank you for posting this...Just what I needed to read
  • great article and perfect timing, i do beat myself up about a small failure and forget to see the big picture of what I've done thats positive. thank you

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