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Learn to Love Breakfast

Reasons to Make A.M. Eating a Habit


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  • breakfast gets me going
  • Breakfast always sets the stage for me to eat healthy.
  • breakfast - so important
  • Can't imagine not having breakfast! and as someone on the Nat'l Weight Control Registry, I'm one who has breakfast every day without fail.
  • DH and I love to eat breakfast together. We use high fiber cereal and not sugared or artificial fake sugar.. If people would give up sugar they would have an array of different interesting taste sensations.
    Fruit will be our breakfast to get up the energy to get out the door with purpose. We never lie in bed. Once we are awake we eat promptly and now we have had fueled our bodies.
    Pat in Maine. Raised in the UK.
  • A balanced breakfast always starts my day!
  • Ok I am convinced , I better figure out how to eat breakfast. Better late than never.
  • I love breakfast so no need to sell me on it....
  • I have always eaten breakfast every day. I guess being raised and my parents always making sure we had breakfast every single day growing up had a lot to do with that. I also try to eat breakfast within an hour of getting up - unless of course, I need to have a fasting blood test done
    Breakfast is key to a great day!
  • Eating protein in the morning for breakfast makes a world of difference in how much eating
    control I have throughout the day.
    Probably not good but I drink 1/2 an atkins shake every morning with my medicine!
  • Will you look mat those carbs-laden breakfasts! Crazy, outdated information.

    Any carbs before noon and I get cravings, so I stick with Bullet-Proof Coffee on weekdays, and a breakfast of egg, cheese, prosciutto, radish, tomato and cucumber, followed by a greens or carrot juice.
  • 4 days of breakfast and feel like a new person.
  • I love breakfast -always have and while I knew and use many of the suggestions others were new to me and I look forward to trying them at some point. I go to bed at 9 and am usually up at 4. Dinner is over by 6:30 and is usually pretty light by design (since I go to bed so early). I am sooooo hungry when I get up. Starting with water helps and then a healthy option. Since I also love breakfast - sorry to repeat some of these "breakfast" suggestions will also be great lunch options for me.

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