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Getting Fit with GERD

Tips to Reduce Symptoms During Exercise


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  • I was just told I had gerd. I never experience any problems that I knew of when eating. I do have a lot of drainage that allergy shots didn't help. I was told it's probably the gerd. It's hard to think I have this when I don't have the burning etc.
  • My GERD is actually helping me in a way. I've had heartburn and reflux off and on for years, and I am obese, but not to the extent that I once was. Recently, I started getting a cough and laranyx spasms most likely GERD related. I can actually run, but only for a mile at a time, and I'm pretty slow. My voice has taken a beating, and not being able to sing is a big bummer. So are those episodes of not breathing, "Trigger foods"- coffee, chocolate, candy in general, fried foods, and most red meat are much easier to give up when I literally feel like I'm being strangled when I eat them.
  • MOIRA48
    Thanks for the reminders, especially to remember my water! These are all good reasons to lose this weight.
  • I have chronic reflux and cannot do most yoga, particularly the poses that have me bent over and/or upside down. Pilates has been much more effiicient fo rmy condition. I also walk/jog on a treadmill with incline, strength train and love step aerobics.
  • This article is very helpful!! Good info to know.
  • Very helpful. Great advice.
  • Walking in addition to my prescription medicine has really helped control my symptoms!

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