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Practical Cooking Tips for Singles

Save Time, Money and Reduce Waste


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Living alone means you can focus on healthy eating--sometimes my meals get boring, but I can control it so much easier. Report
One positive thing about cooking and eating alone is it lets you more easily practice mindfulness--living in the moment, focusing on each act of cooking, and each flavor while eating, more slowly. Of course, you do need to have social meals too! Report
Lots of good tips and ideas there. Thank You. Report
Although I am not single, I really appreciated reading this article. My husband does not eat all of my vegeterian dishes. therefore, I was concerned about cooking so much. This article solved that problem for me. Report
Thank you for all the infor. It gets me into the right mind set. I had forgotten what i use to do, when I was eating 3 meals a day. with nothing in bewteen. Eating healthy meals and menues. Report
Cooking once a week and freezing or refrigerating - meh. Makes me feel like I'm eating leftovers. I'd rather cook every day or eat raw than store cooked food. Just me... Report
Awesome Tips! I try to get together with a couple of my single buddies once a month & do a swap. We each make a full recipe, portion out the servings, keep a serving for ourselves & swap the remaining portions with each other. It's a nice way to share your extra stuff & not end up eating the same thing all week. Report
I try to do most of my cooking on the weekends and then immediately put the dish into individual containers for meals during the week or freezing. Saves me lots of time, since my weeknights are often busy. I also have a single friend who likes to eat as much as I like to cook, so that works out great. I find I eat less too when I eat with a friend since I'm engaged in conversation and not just eating! I eat slower and have a chance to feel full. Report
These tips certainly apply to singles, I use them and I'm single! I like to get the family packs of boneless skinless chicken breast on sale and freeze them flat. I'll plan a variety of meals that week around chicken so it doesn't get boring. I make enough to have a lunch the next day at work. Be creative. Report
I love the idea about using the bulk section of the grocery store. I always thought of that for large quantities, but buying only what I need will keep me from having to throw out half-full packages after they expire. Thanks! Report
There wasn't a single tip in here that was actually for singles. Fail. Report
lots of good tips.. thanks! Report
this article is a great one. i cook in large batches and freeze myself. i too live by myself and this help me with my tight food budget. i just made a small beef roast with lots of potatoes and carrots. it made five one quart containers which i froze and believe me i will be splitting that into lunch and dinner by adding more veggies or a side salad thanks again this was great as i no know i am not alone in my way of cooking. Report
I love to cook so I don't mind spending hours in kitchen even though it is just me! I do batch cooking because I know that there will be days that I will not have the time nor energy to cook, and I find it very easy to turn yesterdays roast into 3 or 4 different meals which i can freeze. Report
More information necessary for daily living that is not taught in school! Thanks! Report

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