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Use Aerobic Exercise as a Building Block

There is More to Cardio than Just Running


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  • Rupert,

    Time Magazine is a failing institution in this digital age. That they would print a highly controversial story concerning the lack of benefits of aerobic exercise in regards to weight loss does not surprise me. It shouldn't surprise anyone. It makes people buy their magazine. It makes everyone talk about their magazine. It is good for their business. None of these things make the story true, but fat, lazy people will buy into it because it is easier than managing their diet and getting some exercise.

    I have lost 50 pounds, 30 of it since joining SP by following the principals laid out on this site including the aerobic exercise "myth". I did it without paying a dime to the "billion dollar gym and fitness industry". You are welcome to believe whatever you would like. However, I would ask that you not just spout drivel about things that you have no practical, real life experience in simply because you have a blow hole.

    Have a better, less destructive life,
    Apparently you didn't see this week's Time Magazine, and their cover story, "The Myth Of Exercise". Of course, as weight loss experts, you already knew well before that, as I did, the benefits of aerobic exercise for weight loss are at best overstated, at worst completely fictional.

    Which is not to say exercise isn't good for you. I regulates insulin, which might indirectly have an influence on your weight. And the blood/lungs activity described herein is certainly good for you. It reduces stress, and is just enjoyable (for some folks).

    And anaerobic exercise does affect weight loss. But the fact is in studies of dieters and dieters who exercised there is practically no difference. The concept of exercising to lose weight was only introduced a few decades ago, and it's a myth that is kept alive now by the diet and fitness industry. The concept of long periods of exercise, trying to burn massive calories to surpass those consumed, is especially inaccurate and even harmful. But where would the billion dollar gym and fitness equipment industry be if they started conceding hours on a treadmill do nothing for weight loss and probably harm your body?
  • Thanks for the article. As a newbie to the getting fit scene, I appreciate all the info I can get.

    However, when does aerobic become anaerobic? Meggles4 gives a very good example of swimming.
  • Very informative, thanks!

    What about sprinting in a pool... I guess that's getting a bit technical but I think swimming can be both aerobic and anaerobic!
  • keekee89,i agree with you.i have been taking the bus for almost 6 mnths now,it has helped me save money and also lose weight coupled with my regular exercise routine.
  • very true,i found out that after my eerobic i feel energised,thanks for the article.
  • Very informative article,thank you.
  • I have found that after doing aerobics exercise that I have much faster recovery time while strength training! I enjoyed this article and look forward to more!
  • Thanks for the article.. I have been pushing myself to make a trip down in the basement at least twice a day or more so that I can run the stairs.. and I also walk a lot, to tkae the bus etc. A lot of people ask why I walk everywhere but it helps to save money and I am able to actually do some cardio..
  • GINA5009
    For those of us who are "Seniors, Aqua Areobics is a great cardio workout along with stretching and body sculpting. You also meet very nice people
  • ROUNA1
    I won a membership to an open air gym three months the same time my doctor had told me i had high i have been doing a 'gentle' get fit regime at the gym, including, treadmill, elliptical(?) rowing machines..running up 40 stepsx10 times, a few weights etc, and in 3 months have brought my cholesterol down below 5.0! I have noticed I'm getting fitter as a side effect!
    Take jogging slowly or on a treadmill. I quit my gym when I got my dog and started jogging with him. Since I had been jogging on the treadmill already, I thought, "No problem! Right?" WRONG! Jogging on the sidewalk will give you shin splints! Start out in a large grassy area, like a soccer field and work slowly to the street. Blacktop is more 'giving' than concrete sidewalks. I now have to join a gym again because I can't get the cardio I need to keep the weight off just 'power walking'. Very dissapointing and PAINFUL too! Also, invest in running shoes from a shop that specialized in them and will properly fit you. They are worth the investment for your feet!
    Consider adding punching a heavy bag to the list of good aerobic (and potentially anaerobic) workouts. It is not at all difficult to get to 150 beats/minute heart rate within a 3-minute round, and it's also a great stress reliever.
    This was a very succint and helpful article because this is an area in which I realize I need to focus more.
  • Great article!! FYI, since I have started Pilates, a toning and resistance class and using a Cybex Arc Trainer (similiar to a elliptical) my body measurements are now what they were a couple of years ago when I was 8 pounds less. So it is true that over all body exercise is better then trying to spot exercise.

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