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Movie Theater Snack Attack!

Two Thumbs Up or Blockbuster Diet Disaster?


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  • No wonder why I am so fat! Popcorn is my favorite. I will never again order a large! Thanks for opening my eyes - 5/14/2008 2:01:25 PM
    Wow I'm really glad to have found this article! I always thought that if I didn't get butter on my popcorn I really wasn't using very many calories. Good info to have! - 5/14/2008 12:40:22 PM
  • I am going to the movies this weekend and this will be in my head! Thank you.... - 3/13/2008 5:07:22 PM
  • I'm heart broken... though I knew it was bad I had no idea how bad movie popcorn is. Ouch... even without the butter? I'll have to ponder how to get around this one as it's one of my passions. - 3/12/2008 10:49:16 PM
    I love going to the movie theater but, hate walking past the food. My theaters don't allow outside food, I get around that by carrying a large purse. My only suggestion about taking your own popcorn is to put it in a closed container. I don't eat popcorn but, I love the smell. My weakness is whoppers. Marcia - 1/27/2008 7:56:37 AM
  • It is amazing how many helpful articles are available and relevant. Thanks for this I will have a black decaf or herbal tea! - 1/22/2008 4:27:23 PM
  • We LOVE going to the movies and yes, we are ones who share lol. I do think we end up a little bit on the healthier side of sharing. We all (5 of us) have our own bowls that measure out to be about 2c of popcorn. We get a large popcorn and fill our own bowls. That makes me feel better and if there is any left, the kids can have it as I feel satisfied.

    Angela - 1/13/2008 8:39:29 AM
    This article is helpful to those who don't realize the fat and caloric content of theater snacks! I actually work at a theatre, so I know how bad the company wants to push more, more, MORE into the stomachs of our customers. They've recently replaced the lower fat candies with bigger, more sugery candies at my theater and the drinks have lots of sugar too. And trust me, the popcorn, while delicious, is not the healthiest thing to eat. Don't even get me start on the "buttery topping"...... - 1/9/2008 3:17:01 PM
  • Yeah, we went last night and did the HUGE popcorn with a diet pop. Pretty ironic isn't it??? Oh, time we'll choose more wisely. Have you ever tried to sneak your own popcorn in the theatre though? Not easy... - 12/29/2007 11:55:18 AM
    This was helpful for me because we go to the movies 2 to3 times a week. I love popcorn. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. I didn't know that some snacks were no fat or calories.

    hasinam - 11/27/2007 12:57:04 AM

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