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Movie Theater Snack Attack!

Two Thumbs Up or Blockbuster Diet Disaster?


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  • Perhaps the title of this article should be changed.
  • Thank you, haven't been to the movie's lately, but when I do I won't be getting their popcorn. I'll take my own, or get something else less calorie and fat.
  • The one thing that keeps me from eating theater snacks when I go to the movies? THE PRICE!! You can pay upwards of $20 for popcorn, soda and candy...and trying to buy for more than one person? Forget it!

    I did try bringing my own snacks the last time I went to the movies...for health sake as well as that of my wallet. I brought a small bag of mini pretzels, a regular-sized Hershey bar (which I split in half with my son), and regular-sized pack of Twizzlers (which I also split with my son). I never drink at the movies...I'm always afraid I'll have to go to the bathroom and miss something good!
  • MAN! I gotta have my popcorn everytime I go to tha movies with butter. I guess next time I will try and bring some butterbuds in with me to use instead :( The good thing is, I never eat the candy or drink any soda! I always have a big bottle of water to drink instead. That's why I always figured I could get away with having my tasty buttered popcorn! LOL!
  • I am too cheap to buy snacks at the theater... I can't see spending $10 for a movie ticket and then spending $10+ dollars on popcorn and a small soda.
    I am not a popcorn kind of person when I go to the movie theater. But I do love my nachos. I don't ask for extra cheese and half the time I leave the cheese alone. I do ask for extra jalapenos though. Then again I haven't been out to the movies in so long I can't remember when was the last time I went. I think it was to see Ironman 2.
    We went to the movie theater a couple of days ago and I brought along a Ziploc bag full of grapes. I know you're not supposed to sneak food in, but when there aren't any healthy choices available at the concession stand, you do what you have to do.
    Our movie theater just started carrying Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. 150 calorie snack and the movies!
  • To me, eating during a movie is a working definition of mindless eating. I think some people do it to work off the tension of the plot - maybe taking a squeeze toy along would be a better idea?

    The hot dog looks like the best bet on the list, despite copy to the contrary..
  • Thanks very much for this eye-opening article!
    I find this is an example of HABITS. When I am at home, through journaling I have identified that when I pop a DVD in, I also tend to pop a bag of microwave popcorn, so ingrained is the association between movies and eating!
    Now that movies have become so ridiculously expensive, AND I've mentally made the switch to choose what I eat, I tend to have a "normal" meal before I go to the movies and to not buy anything from concessions. This also tends to reduce the problem of drinking a liter of soda and then trying to sit through a two hour movie which usually includes getting your adrenaline pumping and making you have to go to the bathroom! Anybody else have that issue - to hold it or to miss part of the movie?
    It was also amazing to see the snack options lined up with the calorie counts and fat content. Glad I gave up peanut M&Ms as my go-to snack! And you are completely right - whatever size you buy, you usually eat!
  • I won't lie, i am the first one to dive into some nachos! I think eating while watching a movie is fine, that's what people came for. Thanks for this article! Mike & Ike's will be my new favorite friend!
  • I look at this as at least now when I do have my popcorn with Reese's I will be making an informed decision and know what I am putting in my body. I don't always get popcorn, but I will admit that I really love it. Thanks to this articel, I will probably do this less than I used to. Great information and I really appreciate it.
  • I really do not understand the need or wish to snack while watching films or TV.
    And I find the noises from snacking people in the cinema offensive, because I have paid my hard-earned money to watch - and hear - a film, not to listen to folk crinkling, rustling, chatting, whatever.

    There are films I'd love for hubby and me to go and watch and the cinema, and I woud save my pennies for the treat.
    But the noise and commotion all around just really puts me off.
  • A good substitution for movie candy is buying it at CVS or the supermarket. You have better options to choose from, they come in smaller portions, and they're cheaper, too!

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