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Movie Theater Snack Attack!

Two Thumbs Up or Blockbuster Diet Disaster?


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  • ELYSE2012
    What a shock , those small bag of munchies packing so many calories.
    I do bring small snacks and a bottle of water in a large purse and I,ve never had a problem but I did sometimes buy something for the kids. What used to stop me was the price.
    The price of the snacks is often more than the price of the tickets on the nights with discount prices.
    But what I did with my kids is dissociate film going with junk eating. We are there to enjoy a film and that's the point of this activity. A good meal before going and everyone knows that no one can possibly be hungry.
    There was resistance at the beginning but the choice was going more often to movies or less so because of the cost of those ''treats''.
    Of course there is the health issue but with my kids, it had to have an immediate impact.
    You don't really specify if your 100 grams of fat includes the added butter or is the fat content just from popping. Maybe your chart should show popcorn calories and fat grams before and after the added butter flavor. This might be an interesting website for a better idea of what your article is about.
  • -BENI-
    Our theatres won't let us bring food in - but I still sneak it in my bag. I bring apples, grapes, almonds and/or pretzels. They pack easily, don't make a mess, help when you want to chomp, are low in calories and some are good for you. I also bring a baggie to slip all garbage into! Oh and always bottled water!
    ...those mini candy bars are something like 100 calories each!! Not worth it to me.
  • has sparkpeople not got the word on coconut oil? it is NOT unhealthy. it is, however, fattening. i'd much rather the theaters use coconut oil than monsanto-warped corn oil.
    A couple of comments. First, there are people who enjoy popcorn without the butter added. What's wrong with plain popcorn and a bottle of water - my favorite movie snack combination.

    Second, peanut oil isn't typically healthy for individuals with peanut allergies. Popping the popcorn with peanut oil could render the theater a non-peanut friendly location. Also I thought that coconut oil was a good fat. I believe you are actually thinking about palm oil.
  • I used to sneak carrot sticks in, but one day I realized that just b/c I was at a movie or on a road trip didn't mean I needed to be eating! What a revelation! Now, I just watch movies and go to movies and eat when I'm hungry.
  • I sneak in Tootsie Roll pops, but don't get them out until the lights go down. One or two last a long time and they only have about 60 calories each. Fruit AND chocolate flavors, together.
  • I go to the Cinama once a week and sneek in a couple of apples or bag of grapes and a 500ml of water, I think the seats are getting bigger at Cineworld.
  • I pop my own popcorn at home in a brown paper lunch bag (no oil) in the microwave, add seasonings such as spray butter (no calories or fat), hot sauce, and Kernel Seasoning, and then take it with me to the theater. (Though I rarely go to the movies anymore. It's just too expensive!)
  • Ah, the beauty of big purses! I always sneak my own treats in just to avoid the ridiculous markups on the concession stand. Make a small bag of popcorn at home (put it in a Ziploc bag) and you won't be missing out on anything. Theatre employees (that are friends of mine) have told me in the past that they can only ASK that you don't bring in outside food - they can't take them from you or keep you from coming in. I just keep them in my bag until the lights go down and then pull them out discreetly.
  • I like to bring a Smartfood popcorn (100 cal.) to the movies and my water if I can get away with the water. IN the winter this is easy with winter coats and big pockets. ;)
    A note about the whole coconut oil connection. My understanding is if you use unprocessed coconut oil it is extremely healthy for you. The highly processed coconut oil, however, used in the theatre is not good at all. Unfortunately, we need to be aware of so much now a days if we want to eat healthy. I make homemade popcorn at home with pure coconut oil. It's great. But I doubt I could eat it at the theatre. Not that I'm an organic food snob ... I hate that. It's just once you've read all this stuff and it gets into your brain, it's really difficult to go back to your old ways. So I take my own snacks. For a treat I might take some wonderful dark chocolate. Or some homemade trail mix. The trick is not eating the entire bar - something I'm still working on. :)
  • Yay!!! I actually always bring my own snacks in the past because of price and now because of health. Recently I brought my own bottle of water, graham crackers and gum. Even if you eat beforehand, sometimes while watching a movie you just have an urge to chew! I'm grateful that I only like plain popped corn, because the calorie count in the article makes a person cringe.
  • Oddly, I feel prey to a medium popcorn bag at a movie theater at a midnight showing too. I don't love crowds of emotionally overwrought people and I stress ate the bag. I wish I saw this article two days ago... oh well, live and learn.
  • Coconut oil is pretty healthy. Why is this article saying it isn't? Is it about the saturated fat? Because the whole saturated fat= clogged arteries thing is an unfortunate myth that refuses to die. Bad science that has long since been debunked. Do any research on it from legitimate sources and you will find there is no connection. But even the medical websites refuse to update. I wish Sparkpeople was a bit more ahead of the times and would have more updated nutritional science.
    Regardless of that, otherwise, this is an interesting article. I fell prey to popcorn when I went to a midnight showing recently... Yeesh, no wonder it makes me feel sick.

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