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Choosing the Best Energy Bar

Edible Energy: Find the Right Bar for Your Needs


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    My go to bar is the kid-sized Rx Bar. Made only of real whole ingredients (egg whites, dates, almonds, etc.) and smaller than the regular bars, they total 130-140 calories, and have a decent amount of protein & fiber. I use them as a snack or to round out a meal. Bonus: they're quite tasty, too!
  • Good article. I try to stay away from energy hard for me there not worth the extra
  • my boyfriend is 6'6" and has always struggled to maintain a healthy weight along with a very labor intensive job. Add in some major stresses a few years ago and he was down to 150 pound. His energy bar of choice is Clif Bars which is pretty spot on for a meal replacement bar, only he uses it as a snack. Between though and me trying to make him dense, healthy foods, I've manage to get him back up to almost 190.
  • Wow what an eye opener. I'm going to start making my own
  • There are plenty of recipes online to make your own energy balls etc, thereby giving you total control over the quantity and type of sugars and other carbs. If this is something you feel you must have, try making your own. Much better than manufactured processed food!
  • Great article but not very good news re: the amount of sugar contained.
  • IT blows me away the amt. of sugar in these energy bars.
    I don't really do energy bars per se, but I do granola bars, or Fiber One bars (are those energy bars??) I keep some in my bag and in the car for when I'm out and need to take pain meds (migraine sufferer) if I take them without food, they make me sick.
    So far I have not been interested in this kind of food, I eat really thin sliced apple, when they're crisp they remind me of chips.
  • Sadly--they are too carb heavy for me.
    Thank you for this informative article.
    Agreed. Cannot even believe Quest isn't on the list. Not sure who did this article but I don't think they did a lot of research. Quest has the most protein highest fiber and lowest sugars. Do some research.
  • I have been using Quest bars to stop wanting sweets. However I notice some one mentioned Victory bars. Will check it out as Quest has gotten so expensive. I have stopped using them unless I have a coupon from GNC. Good article!!

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