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Exercising with High Cholesterol

Tips to Conquer Cholesterol with Fitness


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  • Good article. Terrible illustration - do you really expect us to believe that the young, super slender model has high cholesterol? Really? When the first sentence links high cholesterol with being overweight? Sigh.
  • I've always had high bad cholesterol whether under 100 pounds or now closer to 170 pounds. Never had an impact on my active life.
  • This is a fantastic article. Lots of great info with motivation packed into it. This is a keeper!
  • What a wonderfully sensible, encouraging article! Thank you!
  • I have exercised almost all my life. When I was younger I was extremely fit, but have packed on the pounds over the last decade. My doctors keep thinking they can show the result of my being now overweight through blood work, but alas, I am always in normal ranges. I took a cardiac stress test with EKG and ultrasound a few months ago, again, passed with flying colors.

    I do attribute all those positive results to exercise. However, the downside is, there is less incentive to lose weight. I have to concentrate solely on how I look and feel, as opposed to a cause/effect relationship to my health. (I should also add that I eat primarily organic healthy food--I "simply" overeat.)
  • Good article, This is the main reason i started this program ... I want to be able to control lmy cholesterol through diet and exercise
  • My cholestrol is hign , and my doctor increased my pills, but i am hopeing that through
    exercise and following th way of eating on this program, i can bring it down, i am now
    eating rice and beans wihich i never did is a wonderful program......Regina
  • Thanks Jen. I had to quit taking my cholesterol medication because it was too expensive and while I was off it, I discovered my kidney function tests returned to normal! So, now I'm hesitant to go back on cholesterol lowering meds again. I have cut back on TV time to get off the couch and do other things like work around the house and strength training for my arthritis. Thanks again.
  • My cholestrol is still too high, but it had dropped 24 points since I've become a SPARKER and lost 33# so for.
    My doctor is envious of my cholesterol and he feels it is because I workout regularly at the gym........

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