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Fats That Fight Cholesterol

Fat Can be a Friend or Foe


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Very informative article. Thank you. Report
Thanks for the help we will work on it thats for sure lots of differnt kinds of fat and stuff
I just found out that my cholesterol is high. I worry about that and try to change my lyfestyle, so your information is so clear, and I'll keep it in mind. Report
Thank you for the great information. I always get confused on which fats are ok to eat and which aren't . Thanks Again Report
What a great article, I was a little confused about all the different fats etc but this artical clears it all up, thanks heaps for helping me out . Report
Thanks I am new here but I will be reading more helpful infrmation now Report
Nice article. I'm just learning about this cholesterol thing as I just recently was told my levels were "borderline high" and to lower them without medication. I'm happy that I don't need the meds, but need to know how to lower the levels. I'm going to be reading as much as I can related to this. Thanks.

Lorraine Report
Very informative and simple to read. Report
Thanks for the article, high cholesterol runs in my family, and it's nice to know what I can do to lower my chances. Report
VERY helpful - thank you! Though I know a lot of them (history of heart ailments in my immediate family), it was nice to see them listed and easily accessible. Report
I have wondered for some time what made the "good" fats good and the "bad" fats bad. Perfect explanation! Report
this was so easy to understand--thank you--i too loved seeing the examples of foods--if a food says no trans fat--should we believe that?? Report
This was so helpful!
I appreciate the food examples for each catagory, this will
help me shop for the most beneficial foods. Report
Very informative article. Report
I just read the article on fats that fight Cholesterol and I was very impressed by the information that it contained. It was just the informaion that I was looking for to help me lower my Cholesterol. I have been doing well by avoiding a lot of the things in the article but what helped me the most was the good things to implement into my diet to help me even more to fight the high cholesterol. Thank you and keep the articles coming.

Barb Report

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