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Fats That Fight Cholesterol

Fat Can be a Friend or Foe


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    Its ok to spot the obvious bad stuff but so much of the processed food has palm oil(bad) and trans fats hidden in them with obscure description. Vegetable oil for palm oil and hydrogenated for trans fats. Why do retailers use them at all? Cheap I suppose.
    The cholesterol hypothesis has been thoroughly debunked. The author should read either (or both) "The Great Cholesterol Con" and "Good Calories, Bad Calories" before you promote such absolutely bad health information. Saturated Fats have little or no effect on cholesterol, but sugars and grains do! Promoting the Omega 6 oils as she does is deadly! ARGH!!!

    Ellie at
  • I agree with many of the readers who have left comments here - virgin coconut oil and red palm oils are good fats, not bad. The precessing of these oils - clarifiing, bleaching, etc changes that. But in their natural state they are not only healthy, but healers. We use virgin coconut oil as a naturla antibiotic in our house for everything from acne and pink ey to ear aches and lower cholesteral. Check it out.
    My high school chemistry teacher warned us about hydrogenated fats. Mind you this was in the 1970's when most people thought hydrogenated fats were healthy compared to butter, lard, etc. He told us that hydrogenating unsaturated fats made them just as bad. It turns out that he didn't go far enough and it is actually worse than saturated anaimal fats.

    One question I have is about saturated vegetable oils like palm or coconut oils. These seem to be making a comeback and I'm hearing a lot of claims about the healthfullness.
    Totally agree with SASSAFRASS88. Polyunsaturated fats are BADDDD!
    They are MORE easily oxidzed than saturated fats, and contribute to inflamation that causes disease. Check out the Weston A Price foundation website, cholesterol and health or books by Dr. Sinatra on heart disease.
  • I agree on coconut oil & palm kernel oil. Check out the new info out there!!!
    Could someone clarify the questions about coconut oil and respond to Sassafrass88's comment?
  • There are 4 fats: Trans (totally bad), saturated (need to limit), polyunsaturated and monounsaturated (the "good" fats). I try to eat foods with poly- and monounsaturated fats, and keep saturated fats low. What I find frustrating is the Nutrition Tracker puts all fats together, not separated out. Wouldn't this help to separate them with their respective limits?
    Info on coconut oil seems wrong? I've seen studies that say it may lower cholesterol and helps with obesity when compared to Soy Bean Oil ??
  • i use palm kernel oil and coconut oil in my diet and has helped lower my cholesterol. read about medium chain triglicerides.
  • LION56
    very informative...
    You are so misinformed. Unfortunately that's what they teach you dietitians these days.

    Every food/ fat listed in the saturated fats that are to be 'avoided' are absolutely KEY fats for ultimate health.

    Saturated fats do not result in higher cholesterol. I DARE you to find one study that literally backs that up. In the meantime, I have SEVERAL scientific studies that prove the opposite.

    No wonder Americans are so overweight, depressed and disease-proned.

    Eat your (non-nitrate) bacon grease, Palm Kernel Oil & Coconut Oil (organic) and reap the rewards.

    Unnecessary grains, starches and sugars are killing you all, yet you refuse to see the light. Makes me sad.

    Stop reading this garbage and search for the truth!
  • This article was very informative. I thought I knew all there was about this topic, but today I learned something new. Although, I do not have issues in this area, I am glad that I took the time to read the article and plan to share it with others who are having some challenge. Thanks for the tips.
  • DEBPET64
    Very informative article. Thank you.
    Thanks for the help we will work on it thats for sure lots of differnt kinds of fat and stuff

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