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High BMI Increases GERD Risk

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  • I have noticed as well that when I am on a healthy eating plan, and exercising that the GERD disappears. When I gain, it comes back something awful. Zantac doesnt touch it. Unfortunately, that is why I am here right now (its 615AM)and have been up since 530 AM. It did not matter how many pillows I propped myself on, I could not sleep.
    I am going to pop in a movie and get on my elliptical for an hour. This is the last night 's sleep I am going to lose!
    Before even losing weight, cleaning up my diet relieved me of virtually all reflux episodes. I have been off my prescription strength prilosec for more than 6 months now. Only time I get reflux now is when I have the occassional "cheat" and drink soda. Definately a clean healthy diet helps!
  • Yup, true here. I've lost 20 lbs and my acid reflux is gone! (Mostly) But the weight loss is a direct link in my opinion.
  • This is true in my experience. I too have had stomach acid come up in my sleep and nearly choke on it. I've not lost much yet, this time but can tell by reducing portions and improving eating has reduced my need for prilosec. I'm hopeful that when I shed more weight, I can give it up for good, as happened the last time I lost a significant amount.
  • I've lost only 15 lbs but my GERD is gone. I would wake up and choke on stomach acid. I would cough for 1/2 hour just to clear my lungs. It was awful..
  • I had to take perscription meds daily, as well as antacids before bed and during the night when I weighed 200+ lbs. By the time I was down to 160, the perscription was no longer needed, and just losing an additional 10 lbs got me to the point where the antacids were only needed if I ate too close to bedtime. Now I can't remember the last time I needed them!
  • I have had GERD for years. I am not at my healthy BMI yet- but losing 70 pounds so far has definitely improved it! I am on half the strength Zantac I used to take, no more TUMS in my pocket, and I feel a lot better. Before I would wake up choking on acid, would throw up if I bent over any after I ate, and generally felt awful discomfort most of the day. Now I only really get symptoms occasionally, and often it is because I ate too much!
    I would frequently wake up in the middle of the night, choking on stomach acid. My throat would be sore for hours afterward. I have not had a single recurrence of that, or any other symptom of GERD, since I lost weight. I'm surprised that "researchers aren’t sure whether losing weight would reverse GERD." Judging from my example and those of the others who commented, it absolutely does!
  • This is 100% ture. I use to have this problem till I drop 45 pounds. I was taking medication for this problem. I stopped taking the purple pill and started eating correctly and working out 3-4 times a week. Now I never have this problem and I even stopped snoring so bad. Losing the weight and changing my diet, with the help of this site has changed my life. Thank you Spark
  • Although my BMI is still high , after losing 55 pounds I no longer suffer w. GERD and no longer need medication.
  • Funny how life works, I've lost 65 lbs and still have it. If I don't take daily therapy (Prilosec), I can get it from eating just about anything. Sometimes genetics really depress me...;)
  • WoW I have Gerd and this is even moremotivation for me to get into a health bmi
  • I had this problem, losing 65 pounds has cleared this up for me completely. No more GERD for me!!
  • Definitely being overweight increases the chances of GERD, and if the condition is already existing, it worsens it!!!! I can swear that losing weight and being in your ideal BMI range (Oops, the lower side!!!) decreases the symptoms by nearly 60 to 70%. I am helping a weight loss buddy who is suffering from severe GERD and after losing about 12 pounds, he is much, much better. Still more to lose, but it is a start........

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