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Waist-to-Hip Ratio Estimates Health Risk

Are You an Apple or a Pear?


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  • Very interesting article. I have always had more of an hour glass (large, think Wizard of Oz) share, but according to cslculator, I am a pear.
  • I agree with AUNA_CYCLE. For instance, I plugged in my current measurements into the calculator and it says I'm an apple. Then I put in my measurements from when I was 45 pounds lighter, and I was a pear. So yes, you CAN change your shape!
  • People are getting the idea, from reading this article, that it's impossible to change your body shape. That's not true! If you lose weight, your body shape will change significantly. You will go from being an apple to an avocado to a pear, and then to a banana, is what the thin one is. It changes. You don't HAVE to store body fat. I think that should be one of the points that this article makes. I know that I used to be a banana shape until I gained some weight. Then I became a pear shape. Now I am an avocado shape. But I have been losing inches, and am very close to being a pear shape again. And once I'm done with my weight loss I will be a banana shape again. Normal is possible, people! Don't believe the hype!
  • so I learned I'm an avocado... when i lose weight and my ratio's change will i become a pear? hmm
  • Hmmmm...So I am an avocado; I've never heard of it but it's better than an apple!
    Pear. Always a pear
  • Hmmmm..... Avocado?? First I've heard that one.
    I am an apple it says but I look like a box lol with bulge out front and bulge out back lol guess I a squished box. Made me laugh at least. Lots of work ahead. Dr oz recommending me to eat cold potatoes to use up all carbs. I called an "android" type meaning fat pot belly. But at 5' 1" and 159 lbs its time to work hard!! Wish me luck.
  • I can't measure myself at the moment, but I've noticed ever since I started birth control I've steadily transitioned from a pear to more like an avocado. I still have a fairly defined waistline, but my belly below the waist is gathering more fat and refuses to let any of it go. It's even more frustrating when I can feel my now strengthening ab muscles just under the layer of flab and I know I may never see them until or unless I get off of bc!
  • EMB_RN
    So today I learned that avocado body shape is a thing, and my waist measurement which I had been underestimating by about 3 inches. I guess I can't blame the dryer for shrinking my pants anymore.
  • I'm an avocado. Mmmmm. Avocados. ;)
    Well, I just measured and I believe I am an apple. This is my 1st day on SparkePeople. I am looking forward to some good results down the road..quite a way down the road. I didn't put it on over night.
    I was always a pear until I hit 40, now I'm an apple. I don't like it. As I understand it, getting thick through the middle is common as you age, especially after menopause.
  • CHARITY1973
    Like BMI this method is a broad brush approach which as an individual I'd suggest can be down right wrong. Across the board it may be more right than wrong but if you take control of your health and read articles like this, you need a more specific method of assessing your healthy (and fat distribution). Get a well taken caliper body fat percentage, GEM test, or use a body fat scale (correctly) to assess your genuine state of health. Where fat is store is most important and how much you store. BMI and waist circumference are not great indicators of this. I have body fat of about 24% which is very healthy for a female but my BMI is overweight and my waist circumference shows at high risk using these methods. Might be my shape, my bones, my ethnicity, not sure what but these method don't work for everyone.
  • I am a apple. Iwas always a pear until having children. Lol. Love them.

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