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Workout Ideas for Couples

Put Your Love to the Fitness Test


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  • actually it did say play, and had geocaching in there, something I've enjoyed tagging along for, fun to go in a group and to let someone else navigate ;-)
  • actually it did say play, and had geocaching in there, something I've enjoyed tagging along for, fun to go in a group and to let someone else navigate ;-)
  • actually it did say play, and had geocaching in there, something I've enjoyed tagging along for, fun to go in a group and to let someone else navigate ;-)
  • it didn't exactly say play, but the article DID say "Other sports." My husband and I used to do line dancing class and Ballroom dancing together, but the costs caused us to drop the ballroom classes after 4 years, and then we moved to NJ and haven't seen any line dance classes around. We will start a community ballroom dance class session in March, but it will be a group class that appears to be targeted at beginners, so may or may not be much exercise.
    We walk together to indoor dvd, as we are both fairly beginners and overweight enough that neither of us run, so this keeps our pace the same pretty much.
  • My hubs and I will start working out together every Thursday evening. I'm so excited! By reading the other comments, I think Thursdays are going to be the 'new' date night. I only wish it could be more than one night a week, but because of his hours it's not possible. I'll be getting it in at the Y myself during the rest of the week. We've both made individual commitments to ourselves to really give it all we've got in losing weight, eating healthier, and exercising more. I can't wait!
  • Great article but it also left out the fun of playing games together on systems like Wii. Love the dance competition one!
  • I think these are great ideas, but the article left out active playing! Yesterday, instead of having a traditional Valentine's day, my husband and I printed out a free day pass to the local gym (he's already a member, I use my school's gym). We played racquetball together for an hour, hit the pool to swim a few laps, and then relaxed our tired muscles in the hot tub. It was a blast!

    We also enjoy spinning around on our bikes together when the weather is nice or going golfing. It's all exercise, but it feels less like exercise and more like fun!
  • I love going for bike rides and walks with my husband. We always have a great time.
    When we can't get to the gym, my husband and I use the Lebert Buddy System! We even take it with us when we go on vacation! I teach a bootcamp class and ordered one for myself through my gym. It's so much fun and my kids use it too. Great family workouts...
    My boyfriend and I just went for a bike ride together after dinner! Due to overlapping work schedules, we only eat dinner together on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we go for a walk or bike ride after. We live right next to a rail trail/greenway that's very nice to walk on. I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays even more now that we exercise together. It's fun to walk/ride and talk about the day. Our only issue is that I have fibromyalgia, so I can't go as far as he can, but he is very patient and doesn't mind doing less than usual.
    I talked the hubs into trying yoga with me a couple years ago, he loves it! Of course, it's at home and on DVD (curtains firmly close so the neighbors don't see him) but it's still wonderful together. We even yoga the kids, they love it too!
  • One fun thing my husband & I do During commercials on our favorite shows:
    Tthrow the medicine ball around,
    OR stand back to back & twist to the side to hand the medicine ball to the other one.

    Tennis & Raquetball are fun too. And, I read somewhere that seeing each other all sweaty can enhance your other desire for on another.
  • My husband will reluctantly go to the gym with me once every 2 years or so, and he hates it, since he exercises so infrequently, I can kick his butt at everything...and I guess he finds it humiliating.
  • My boyfriend and I work out at the gym together - it's great. It motivates you and helps hold you accountable. We do the eliptical and then do weights together. It also gives us time together at the end of the day to catch up on the day.
  • My fiance and I enjoy biking, easy hiking, walking and sailing together. Unfortunately he works a lot so we don't get to do those things together often. We both workout at the Y and share our workouts with each other. It definitely helps to have a partner who supports my health goals, sometimes even more than I do!

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