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Recognizing the Signs of Depression

When It's More than Just The Blues


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About 3 years ago, I was feeling mildly depressed, I had lost interest in just about everything, and felt sad and sluggish most of the time. I was due for my annual physical, so had the full blood workup. Turned out that I was hypothyroid. Once my thyroid medication was at the correct dosage (took about 2 months), my feelings of depression disappeared. I also had more energy.

Now - I'm not saying that all depression is caused by low thyroid hormones. But, it's a good idea to rule out any possible physical causes for your depression symptoms. I was borderline hypothyroid, and the depression was the only symptom I had at the time. I had always struggled with losing weight, so lack of weight loss wasn't a new symptom.

Often doctors look at the thyroid tests and if the numbers are in the "normal" range, don't consider that the patient could still be hypothyroid. If depression is one of the patient's symtoms, they treat the depression - which doesn't improve because the underlying cause is not addressed. Report
Good article. Please note that bipolar disorder is often misdiagnosed as depression. People with bipolar II may have hypomanic states (less than full manic highs) but they are depressed most of the time and usually only seek help when depressed. People typically go for years or decades before being properly diagnosed. The Problem: anti-depressant meds alone can trigger hypomania that can be very destructive. That's when people lose their jobs, friends, families and worse. All because their therapists thought they only had depression. Report
Great article... Report
Your articles on a variety of subjects are so important, but truly, I don't think any are as important as this one. Thanks. Report
Thank you for this valuable information. My family seems to have a very strong genetic tendency to have depression. Sad to see what happens when people have severe cases at young ages. I somehow escaped, but it is hard to watch my family members. Report
Awesome article....thnx Report
I suffer from depression and I find that things like EFT (emotional freedom technique), Huna, and other thought provoking techniques work better than a therapist who may never find the right questions to get you to ask yourself.
I also suffer from chronic pain that is a side effect of the depression. As I peel away the layers of guilt and hurt, as I re-program myself to live life the way I think it should be as opposed to what others think I should be, the pain diminishes and my spirits are lifted. It isn't an overnight thing and if it took 50 years of bad choices to get in this condition and acknowledge that it was a condition, it may take awhile to reverse it but the belief that it can be done carries a lot of weight. Report
Very good article. I suffer from some depression and am on medication which works for me, but I'm not nearly as bad as my neice, who has had suicidal thoughts. I try to help her by long distance phone by just listening to her. Her mother, my sister, is not very easy to talk to about this since she has never had depression, or if she did, she wouldn't admit it. I printed this article to try to show her that her daughter isn't being stubborn or just having pity parties--she really has an illness. She thinks her daughter just needs to snap out of it and take hold of her life and get over it.

For those who want this on one page, I found that if I go to print the article, it comes up all in one place and easier to read.

I too would like to see this article printed in its entirety instead of having to shift from page to page. It's too good to be chopped up the way it is.

I am in total agreement with this article, having living through many severe episodes in my life and just now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel for my most recent severe case. When I get so severely down, I contact my mental health provided immediately (or at least as soon at the signs become clear to me) and I get started in coiunseling more regularly than just every 3 months. My MD who manages my medication has not been readily available due to illness in his immediate family. He just recently reduced my medication of citalopram from 60 mg to 40 mg and I'm thinking that 60 mg was very helpful, but I will rediscuss them with him in November at my next appointment. I completely undersatnd why he reduce the dosage due to recent studies showing the medication can have side affects to the heart, but maybe he can come up with something else (agan) that will work better. Maybe I've been on this one too long.

I do appreciate this article and my BLC20 team for this loving support. Just knowing you have support helps make the journey to recovery a bit easier. Thank you, SP, for printing such a wonderful informative article for others to read. It never hurts to open the eyes of people who wonder if they are suffering with depression and even I who should be an expert in this disease benefited again from reading it. Report
This is a very interesting article,but I think if you had a place to print the article in its entirety it would benefit everyone that would like to read it over and over. Thank you. Report
Thank you for this article and for the making the all-important distinction between just having the "blues" and "clinical depression". I suffer from S.A.D. (seasonal affective depression) and until last year, I never understood why I always get depressed during the winter time, then come back to life in the spring/summer/fall. This year, I plan to stock up on Vitamin D and schedule my vacation during the winter so I can go someplace sunny. Thanks for educating and informing. Report
Thank you Dean Anderson for this article. You have provided valuable information on a very common condition. Indeed it is important to seek appropriate treatment, not only for the one who is suffering depression, but for the entire family unit. Report
It is extremely difficult to read he text of your articles because of the advertisements that appear on top of the text. many times I am very much interested in reading the article but I give up because I cannot see the text.
This is not helping your users at all and it is quite frustrating.
The poor grammar and misspelled words in this one article have made me question the reliability of the entire sparks website. Report
Hi all! Beyond Blue is an Australian website on depression and anxiety that seems to have had very good feedback... here is the link in case you want to check it out:
natalie Report

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