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Taste the Tropics This Winter

Oranges & Grapefruits are Perfect in Cold Weather


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  • Love grapefruit and oranges alone or in salads.
  • Citrus Tip: Keep one of each type of citrus fruit in the freezer in it own an air-tight container so you can have fabulous zest year round.
  • I always look forward to these fruits in the winter months! We actually use them for stocking stuffers as well at Christmas...
  • Oranges and grapefruit are my favorite! It is a shame that the Florida citrus greening, a disease that has affected nearly every orange grove in the state.The fruit on affected branches is small and bitter. Even worse, the disease eventually kills the tree. I hope the experts can fix this problem because I don't want to buy oranges and grapefruit from another state or far away places. I am thankful to have an orange in my regular eating plan.
  • The picture alone makes me really want some! I have one grapefruit in the reds!...and some cuties in my veggie bin at home. I'll get some and eat some!
  • Love Citrus. Just please be aware that grapefruit interferes with or can magnify the effects of many medications & prescriptions, esp. blood pressure meds.
    Zesting is one of the best affordable tips I know. It is virtually free because you would end up throwing the fruit peel away any way. It is a great way to add taste to many dishes. I love citrus zest on vegetables, fresh salads, baked goods or even in pancake batter. If you don't mind the sugar you can make candied citrus peel.
  • GRAPEFRUIT and GRAPEFRUIT juice are not a good match with Cholesterol lowering medications check the instructions.

  • Great article, assessing these fruits completely. Found myself studying and comparing them in the charts, weighing my preferences with the nutritional merits of choices. I love Valencia oranges, and was surprised that they have much less Vitamin C than do Navels! Thank you for comprehensive information!

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