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Earn SparkTrophies for Reaching Your Goals

Start Earning and Displaying Your Virtual Awards Today!


    This is the first trophy I have received in my entire life! Thanks Sparkpeople:) - 4/18/2012 11:30:48 AM
  • Trophies are Great! I would not have expected them to be this rewarding but they are lots of fun. thank you Spark People!! - 4/5/2012 7:13:24 PM
  • I was freaking out because I thought I was doing something wrong. I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting some of the trophies. I guess I just have to hope they're coming next month! I'll be on the lookout for them. :) - 2/26/2012 10:50:40 AM
  • How come I don't have my trophies for last month? Perfect attendance or consistency and 500 spark points ? sad panda... - 2/2/2012 11:17:43 AM
  • I LOVE trophies ! - 12/14/2011 8:53:52 AM
  • I love these trophies. so pretty and motivating
    - 12/12/2011 1:21:59 PM
  • Is there a glitch in the spark points trophy or in the trophies in general? I figured I should have received my consistency and 500 points for October. I wouldn't have thought twice about it except I was determined to get it this month and was surprised when I didn't. - 11/1/2011 4:07:33 PM
  • I dont understand the trophy for spark points. When you get that trophy : is it after the month or after you past 500 sparkpoints - 10/28/2011 8:13:11 AM
  • I adore trophies and find them motivating, even though they are virtual trophies. The REAL trophy is more important, though. That's the one I see in the mirror! This is working! - 9/12/2011 1:57:33 PM
  • I didn't see how to earn the perfect attendence one, but am very confused about why I haven't received the consistancy ones for August? I signed in and spun that wheel every day for 50something days now! - 9/3/2011 11:27:06 AM
  • do you only get the 500 pont trophy at the end of the month or when you hit it? I still haven't gotten mine :( - 8/28/2011 5:49:39 AM
  • I have logged in every day this year and only received perfect attendance in February and June. Wonder why? - 8/4/2011 12:27:11 PM
  • I received a "Perfect Attendance" - for what? - 8/3/2011 12:54:07 AM
  • YVETTE444
    Allysonrw, I was wondering why they don't have an award for reaching your goal weight also!

    Additional wishes: (while we're at at :)

    I wish there was an Anniversary award for every month instead of every few months.
    I wish you could spin the wheel from your smart phone in case you're away from home and still want your consistency award.
    I wish there Weight awards for "35, 45, 55 pounds" instead of every 10.

    :) - 7/15/2011 11:16:19 AM
  • ALLYSONRW I have no idea if there should be a trophy for reaching your goal weight for various reasons, but if this is any consolation you can use the Success Gallery where you will find the "I reached my goal with SparkPeople" sign (along with a number of others) that you can proudly post on your page. You might be familiar with those as quite a number of people use them as profile pics at one time or another. Hope that helps. - 7/2/2011 9:25:02 AM

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