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Earn SparkTrophies for Reaching Your Goals

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    I'm back. I first joined a very long time ago, I did not much more than join. I hope to be successful this time. Wish me luck!.
    This is the first trophy I have received in my entire life! Thanks Sparkpeople:)
  • Trophies are Great! I would not have expected them to be this rewarding but they are lots of fun. thank you Spark People!!
  • I was freaking out because I thought I was doing something wrong. I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting some of the trophies. I guess I just have to hope they're coming next month! I'll be on the lookout for them. :)
  • How come I don't have my trophies for last month? Perfect attendance or consistency and 500 spark points ? sad panda...
  • I LOVE trophies !
  • I love these trophies. so pretty and motivating
  • Is there a glitch in the spark points trophy or in the trophies in general? I figured I should have received my consistency and 500 points for October. I wouldn't have thought twice about it except I was determined to get it this month and was surprised when I didn't.
  • I dont understand the trophy for spark points. When you get that trophy : is it after the month or after you past 500 sparkpoints
  • I adore trophies and find them motivating, even though they are virtual trophies. The REAL trophy is more important, though. That's the one I see in the mirror! This is working!
  • I didn't see how to earn the perfect attendence one, but am very confused about why I haven't received the consistancy ones for August? I signed in and spun that wheel every day for 50something days now!
  • do you only get the 500 pont trophy at the end of the month or when you hit it? I still haven't gotten mine :(
  • I have logged in every day this year and only received perfect attendance in February and June. Wonder why?
  • I received a "Perfect Attendance" - for what?
  • YVETTE444
    Allysonrw, I was wondering why they don't have an award for reaching your goal weight also!

    Additional wishes: (while we're at at :)

    I wish there was an Anniversary award for every month instead of every few months.
    I wish you could spin the wheel from your smart phone in case you're away from home and still want your consistency award.
    I wish there Weight awards for "35, 45, 55 pounds" instead of every 10.


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