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    i got my first award Sonya bogan
  • all the comments were interesting.i enjoyed reading very helpful marcella/ 8 21 2016
  • I have walked over 300 miles since Aug 8.2015 and no trophy and yes i note then. on my start page so gave up watching for them to show up.
  • Well I'm back again and I have gained back 100 pounds. And feeling fatter then ever now for I know I'm going to have to change my thinking on how I see myself and feel about myself as well to. It got to the point where all I did was eat everything in sight 24/ 7 day and night. all within a 6 month period of time. And I couldn't fit into any of my cothing anymore I had gotten so big. I was wearing a size 5 and now I wear a size 20. Very sad for I know I can do again but this time. It won't take as long to take it off but this time I will take off and keep off for good. anyone in the same boat I'm in we can lose it together. need help let me know your not alone help is on the way. god bless and good luck. sharon k. gallenberger wish me luck my first day starts 2/17/2016- have 90 pounds to go-I wish everyone good luck to you all can do it go
  • Hi,
    My name is Jane and I just join the SparkPeople's community, I'm 65 years old and I have diabetes 2, I have a friend who send me this website this morning, because she is concern about my Health and weight. Also all the time I'm depress because I move 3 years ago from Kansas City, where I live for 18 years. Is so hard for my being here in Denver with out friends and some activities I can enjoy. I signed here and read the article with some lady she join the website and is happy with the results. I hope I can find some friend and people to help me to control my sugar and also join some community here in Denver. Thanks for read my message.
  • SGOLD23554
    listening to Spark People cd in my car, logging in, and exercising for at least 10 minutes a day is what I set for my first goals. Just completed 50 days in a row. These simple steps
    are "Pure Genius"!
    I just joined spark people and excited to start loosing weight. Yay!
  • Just got back to sparkpeople tonight. Haven't been on here since I joined in 2009. Plan to check in every day and start using the tools on here. Hi everybody!!!
  • 1CANDOIT60
    Today is going to start a very good day! I'm starting my Spark day with a group of Sparks people who r there to give me all the support I need! Ty Spark, Ty!
    I live in an Assisted living Home. I get my meals planned and sometimes have trouble with the choices, even though they have other choices. Need to keep track.
    I am 69yrs. old.I have CHF,Lupus,Chronic kidney disease.arthritis,diverticulitis,and am bi-polar.I am on antidepression meds.,bp meds,blood thinners,prednisone(steroids)I eat little but not well(money issues).My exercise consists of major housework daily,going to store daily for roommate(disabled)also,I take heart meds.Never had problems with weight until all these meds,which I must take!.tried many times to lose some weight but it has not changed.also have pace maker and stint. I am due to have another stint soon to avoid 2nd heart attack.HELP!!I hate how I look not to mention how I feel.Losing my hair fast too..very discouraged and miserable.any hope for me anywhere? thanks for any ideas you might offer. trina in long beach,ca.
    I got my first trophy today!..
  • LINDAR891
    I got so many trophies, I didn't know I had. So Gent's and Ladies keep up the good work. I've got over a 1000 points to use! lyl!
    I got, my first trophy today
  • A Glow Getter Award is for those who have the Spark Activity Tracker.

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