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Helping Your Overweight Child

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Thanks for the great article! :) Report
thanks Report
We just started a diet as a family and my 9 yr old who weighed 77 is now down to 71.. she has knocked herself out of the overweight range and into the 'normal' weight bmi now. I still have a road to go, but i'm also down 21 pounds doing keto. she is soo stinkin' proud of herself and wants to go down about 5 more pounds still. We have been doing this together after speaking to her doctor who was on board with us going on a low carb diet with her and walking in the evenings. She no longer eats huge amounts of foods, eats no bread/grain and we both work towards our fruit being our treat once a day. She has loved every keto veggie filled meal and so for her the weight is just melting off effortlessly as she would put it. I'm not sure if keto diets are right for every kid but for mine it's working. The only thing we have changed is that I tell her she is a kid and a little bit of treats here and there when at a party or with friends is fine.. just portion control and only eat til you are full. Today at a bday party she asked for a small piece of cake and didn't even finish it! Report
My son is 16 and just starting his junior year in high school. He is under the impression that he is over weight. My family has attempted to explain to him, that with him being almost 6 ft. tall, he appears to be the average size for his age.
There are no unhealthy snacks in our home and he walks to school and home everyday.
I am not sure what to tell him to assist his concerns. Report
This article had a lot of common sense tips..but nothing about the importance of making sure your child knows that losing weight isn't about trying to look good or look acceptable to society. Kids are bombarded with messages about how being fat is the worst possible thing a person can become. No doubt there are big health risks that come from being fat but there are a lot of risks from kids having a negative body image and thinking their worth depends on a number on the scale. I was hoping this article would touch on that but it did not. Quite the disappointment! Report
I have a nephew who is 12 and he weigh 200lbs. And he eat everything. I use to keep him and when I first took him, he was own his way to being a diabetic. So now that he is with his mother, he have gain all that weight. It break my heart so bad. Report
My three boys are very active and I really try and watch what they eat. Thankfully they like fruits and most veggies, so that is a good thing! I have a neice who just turned 8 and she weighs probably 65-70 pounds and is a bit chubby for her age. She was the baby of the the family until her baby brother came along 3 years ago. then she got pushed to the back burner. It breaks my heart to see what she goes through. My sil is always taking them out to eat and has all sort of junk in the house. At dinners and picnics, sil always makes TONS of desserts. At her youngest's birthday party on memorial day, the only healthy thing there was a veggie tray (and the kabobs that bil made weren't too bad). No fruits, just mac and potato salad, broccoli salad, hot dogs, chips, pop, etc.

We are hosting a picnic for 4th of July and I vow to have healthy options! Report
I was extremely overweight as a kid and now I know that my parents horrible example was to blame. It would not be unusual to have 4 or 5 plates of food at a buffet, and you WERE NOT done eating until your plate was empty. It was okay to eat a carton of ice cream if you had a bad day. It was normal to go to McD's and order a 50 piece mcnuggets and the largest size fries. Kids follow examples NOT advice! This is a great article because its stresses that you keep things positive with your children. More than likely, your overweight kid is getting teased in school and getting their self esteem hammered on, on a daily basis because of their weight. Encourage a healthy lifestyle and engage in healthy activities with your kids that will help your bodies, boost your confidence, and strengthen those parent/offspring bonds. Report
I appreciated this issue being addressed. My son is one point below the obesity level on his BMI. We are trying to lose weight together. We met with his doctor 2 weeks ago and he and I both weighed 184 lbs. Neither of us really overeat, and we eat healthy for the most part. We are lacking enough activity however. Also the doctor recommended he only drink water and diet drinks. This was a big area of over indulgence for us both. Lattes, energy drinks, juice... not so much pop however. So I vowed to give it up with him. Since then, he has lost 4 lbs. and I have lost 7!!! Yeah. Report
great article. Being a SPARKER, I'm talking to my children daily about their health and fitness. Report

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