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Whole Grains are the Whole Package

These Natural Grains Pack a Nutritional Punch


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    I have been searching all week for 7 grain flour cookie recipes. All of them use cereal with wheat flour. Anyone have just straight 7 grain flour cookie recipes?
    So hard to read this article with the pop up ads covering the content.
  • There are SO many reasons to avoid grains.

    1. They increase the need for Vitamin C.
    2. They contribute to inflammation and weight gain.
    3. The nutrition in grains is better acquired from other sources, particularly meat.
    4. The bran of whole grains contains phytic acid, which is an antinutrient that will interfere with the absorbtion of important nutrients.
    5. The dense carbs in grains cause blood sugar spikes and consequent increases in blood insulin. This makes them inappropriate for diabetics.
    6. A high carb diet has been linked to heart disease.
    7. Grains have been associated with developmental problems.
    8. Grains are potent allergens.

    Grains were not a regular part of the human diet until the advent of agriculture. That was only 10,000 years ago. Some parts of Europe did not grow grains until about 5,000 years ago. Hunter/gatherer societies did not adopt grains until about 100 years ago. We are not well adapted to eating grains. The main reason we eat them in our society is because they are cheap and plentiful. The USDA promotes them because they are a farm product.
    Thanks to JustKen for explaining why popcorn is NOT health food. I've eliminated it from my diet long ago because it contributed to higher glucose reading and weight gain. It's good to know why that is so.
    Thanks to GinaV2 for a common sense comment. Complex carbs are better for you than simple ones, but all carbs lead to weight gain. Read "Why We Get Fat" by Gary Taubes.
    Eat more veggies. You can get all of your nutrients without eating any grains.
    Also - read "Wheat Belly" by cardiologist Dr. William Davis.
    I've gone sugar free and grain free and I've never felt better.
  • DEBRA0818
    I was going to make the same comment: See Wheat Belly for the countervailing argument.
    unfortunately , this story is incorrect. i suggest you read the book WHEAT BELLY. you'll be shocked to find out the truth behind this myth....
  • While whole grains are certainly better than refined carbs, it's even better to cut way back on your grains entirely and eat lots of vegetables and fruit instead. You'll get all the fiber and even more nutrition!
  • House guests left a loaf of white bread at our Lake House so DH and I tried a tomato sandwich on white. Yeow!!! We couldn't stand it. When I tried to dice it for the chickens it just went down into dough gobs. Think what it must do in your stomach!!!
    That is a great idea about mixing white or refined product with the whole wheat version. I've thought about doing this before but just haven't actually followed through. I'm writing it down on my grocery list right now! Of course I will have to start with just a small amount if I'm going to get my kids and husband to eat it.
    Well obviously Meg has deleted, but to anyone else with the same question, I'd say mix to start with, until you get use to it. It's the same way you get a cat use to new food, and the same way I got use to drinking 1% milk. So.. when you have a sandwich, use one slice of white, one of wheat. When you have pasta, do half a serving of your regular one, and add half a serving of wheat. Eventually you'll get more use to the taste. If it still bothers you, you can go slower... doing a 25%/75% ration, working up to a 50%/50% then going 75%/25% until you're all the way to wheat.
  • MEG0711
    But what do you do about the bad taste & texture of whole grains? Pasta tends to be tougher, rice blander, and bread is too dry. Multigrain has to be healthier than white cause I can't get my husband to agree to brown.
  • I kind of want to run home right now and check my bread. I had NO idea that a product can say "multigrain" and not be whole grain, but now that I'm actually looking at the words, it makes sense!

    Totally deceiving. I'm not surprised, though that I'm finding myself once again disappointed by the food industry!
  • I wanted to add this. . .we have started adding whole wheat pasta to our pasta dishes and the pasta give our food another level of flavor. Not to mention it feels us up better so we wind up eating less food.
    thanx so glad other people are aware of the article mistakes ,and took the time to let the rest of us knw.... because i would have relied on just the info int he article.
    (And the liver does this, of course, by stimulating the production of insulin by the pancreas. So there's a diabetes connection as well.)

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