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Exercise Safety Tips for Beginners

Ready, Set, Exercise!


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  • DIANE2110
    I like the articles and there are many. I haven't been able to find any on breathing during exercises. I seem to always end up doing the reverse breathing from what the exercise calls for. Does it matter when I exhale or inhale?
  • MOM210
    Leanne26, no the point is not for your heart to RACE. There is a difference in increasing your heart rate to a level that gets you in your target heart rate and having a racing heart. Sometimes your heart can race and it'll be ok but a Doctor has to determine that because if you feel nauseous after a workout, that's a bad sign. If you feel tired that's ok. But, there are types of heart racing that can kill you. Check with your doctor to be sure.
    thanks for the link to the PARQ
  • Take it from me, pay attention to the warning to take it slow initially and trying to go from couch potato to exercise maven overnight is a great way to have issues. Nice and slow at first. Best way to develop habits that will last while not putting yourself at great risk.
    FLYINGDOG- Thanks for the heads up. I fixed that link.
  • The PAR-Q link is not working, but you can find it here:
  • This is a great article. The emphasis on safety and the exercise warning signs are very important. A year ago I would have been a person who just started to exercise and would tough it out. A heart attack was my first sign of heart disease. Now I exercise under guidance from my cardiologist. My target heart rate is lower than usually suggested for my age. My recommended speed of walking is much slower than most people post here on Spark People but it gets me in my target zone and I sweat and breathe hard. I have learned to accept that it will take me 6 days of exercising to burn the calories that Spark People suggests I should be able to burn exercising 3 days for 30 minutes. Everyone is different and it is very important to listen to what our body is telling us.
    I'm pretty sure my heart races every time I work out. Isn't that the point? To make your heart go faster? Also, I usually get kind of sick feeling if I do a strenuous work out, but then it subsides and I'm alive. I guess my point is, some of the "don't exersice if this happens to you" list, seems silly.
  • Great article. PBS-TV's NOVA featured couch-potato people chosen to train as marathon runners. Tufts University doctors were surprised to find many of them were "skinny-fat", being normal weight on a scale, but having high internal fat and little muscle. This is why a full physical is really important.
  • This is a simple and well written article. Straightforward and to the point. As an RN I applaud the emphasis on prevention, safety and common sense here. I have come to expect nothing less from Dean!

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