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When to Buy Organic & When to Save Your Money

How to Go Organic without Going Broke


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    Thanks for the info!
  • Helpful! Thanks!
  • Great information on buying organic!
  • Thanks for this information!!! I will use it.
  • Simplify, buy local whenever possible. 'Nuf said!
  • Please don't call the big corporate farms "conventional" agriculture. I grew up on a farm, and can tell you that until about 50 years ago, we had never heard of such a thing as a huge farm owned by big business, and run to maximize the bottom line. We were plain old dirt farmers, and were growing "organic" long before it got to be popular, as were all the farmers in our area. My dad always said that he could make a living without all those dangerous chemicals, and they cost a fortune anyway, so why use them? REAL farmers rotate their crops, know how to fix their equipment when it breaks, and have enough sense to share the specialized equipment from neighbor to neighbor so nobody has to own everything.

    Also, realize that what the government certifies as "organic" excludes many farmers who really are, because it costs so much and you have to jump through so many hoops that most small farmers can't afford to mess with it. Shop your local Farmer's Market, or join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). It is not only healthier, it is supporting the people who will still be there when the big business collapses, leaving only a desert of denatured dirt in it's wake.
  • DAISY623
    Consuming the toxic chemicals used to kill bugs and/or accelerate growth can not be a healthy choice. It does take a scientific study to understand this, just common sense.
  • I went to whole foods once and they were out of control but I think that I was used to paying the lower cost. Now that I know that health wise there is a difference I will probably go more often.
  • I have been slowly changing to organic over pass few years. Not at 100% but avoid non organic meat. However, have read in a recent article that apples have finally surpassed strawberries. Due to GMO issues, I avoid non organic grain products ,also, when I join friends to eat out which means less calories which is good.
  • Since I have been buying mostly organic, I have less heartburn and stomach problems, although I don't buy everything organic mostly some of my meat's and oils and eggs. It's made a big difference in the way I feel, so I'm sorry but it does make a big difference I know some of you has said that there's no scientific way-2 tell if it going organic really works but I can say that it has made a change in me on the way that I feel.
  • I second what LKATIRAEE said. There is NO scientific evidence that shows that organic foods are any more nutritious or healthy. Of the many, many studies available:

    And a good summation of that study:

    Listen to the science, SP... don't buy into the hype.
    There is also a bigger focus on organic food in Denmark today. Many canteen arrangements in schools and companies are often using mostly organic ingredients, which is good. The price is manageable for more today today. is mostly using organic ingredients.

  • Additionally, because transporting food cross country has a cost associated with it, the primary reason why such food is more expensive. Not to mention the environment impact.
  • Interesting that a link to this article is in the same e-mail as a link to the article that extolls buying local rather than even organic that may have been transported from one end of the country to the other. Quality of local food is far greater than such transported food.

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